Incredible architecture- The VietinBank Business Centre

 When we look at this architecture building , the impression is we live in one future world.

The VietinBank Business Centre is one unique architectural concept,is known as VietnamBank Towers. It is designed by London-based architects Foster  plus Partners The towers .
Will feature residential, office and hotels space in one area of 300,000m².

Project Type:
Mixed use development
Ciputra, Hanoi, Vietnam
Office Tower: 363m Hotel/Residential Tower: 250m
Number of Storeys
Office Tower: 68 Hotel/Residential Tower: 48
Estimated Cost
Construction Started
October 2010
Using the perfect geometry, perfect architectural style, perfect design and futuristic trend, luxury place in the middle of the town, this some characteristics who describe this big project in list of architectural ideas.

Source for post inspiration  VietinBank Business Centre

3 Image 3 600x913 Incredible architecture  The VietinBank Business Centre 2 Image 2 600x831 Incredible architecture  The VietinBank Business Centre 1 Image 1 600x895 Incredible architecture  The VietinBank Business Centre


pixel Incredible architecture  The VietinBank Business Centre

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