Flow Concept

When the concept is beyond imagination, conception tends to reach immaculate design conception  notion.

On these lines I will present a concept name this is flow concept, this concept is designed by Gary Gu’s Beijings , China for the CCIF Design Competition 2010 held by Chang’an Auto Co., Ltd. The idea to take account of the Crouching Tiger Sculpture in the tomb of one of the best generals in Han Dynasty., taking to integrate three descriptions:

  • flow=elegance,
  • flow=power,
  • flow=life


Flow Concept Flow Concept Flow Concept 2 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 1 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 7 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 6 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 5 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 4 Flow Concept


Flow Concept 3 Flow Concept


designer: Gary Gu’s

pixel Flow Concept


  1. Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting. Wonderful work!

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