Origami-Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar

The traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Origami, was the inspiration for this versatile folding stool which impresses by its unique multi-faceted design with infinite possibilities of use. Envisioned by Yves Behar the founder of fuseproject, a San Francisco based design agency, Kada Stool is an absolutely great home product that fits todays’ modern lifestyle. It’s a handy all-in-one seat, tray and side table which can easily adapt to various changing living situations from our homes and apartments.

Kada Stool by fuseproject 01 600x433 Origami Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar

Less is more seems to think designer Yves Behar when created this multifunctional folding seat. Simple, yet incredibly smart and useful, Kada Stool features folded panels, becoming structural origami and acquiring strength when folded.Its performances change thanks to various uses of the metallic top which can become seating, coffee table, side table, TV stand or tray.

The stool eye-catching geometrical design displaying different layers put on a laminated surface contrasts the complexity of life against the simplicity of the product’s construction and assembly. When it is not used, you can unfold it reducing its volume so that you create more space for other activities. The folding stool has a structure in natural wood or laminated in a multitude of colors.

Kada Stool by fuseproject 02 600x397 Origami Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar


Kada Stool by fuseproject 03 600x313 Origami Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar

Kada Stool by fuseproject 04 600x421 Origami Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar

Photos: © fuseproject.


pixel Origami Inspired Folding Stool by Yves Behar

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