Furniture for Bikes

For bike, it is difficult to imagine  furniture which are suitable for our home, but furniture for Bikes set by Quarterre is terrific, don’t use a standard design for this constitution, but like a bake stand is perfect adaptable for our home, this product use  high quality materials and draw on the tones of Cherchbi brand’s accessories set. The modern ‘Fell Grey’ color & dark wood finish for the stands have been urbanized to evaluate the hand finished leather listing, these aspects include Cherchbi’s signature Herdwyck Tweed & vegetable-tanned English saddle leather.

Bikes furniture1 600x401  Furniture for Bikes

The form has a distinctive sculptural side of Hood, has based an architectural creativity and holds a single bike securely by its main tube.  The object is created from steel and finished with hand made with exceptionally and admirable, visual aspects.  The Special Edition Hood is showed in the ‘Fell Grey’ tone and a long expression using the Cherchbi’s dark brown English saddle leather and Herdwyck Tweed. This beautiful Bike effects support vertical storage for up to two bikes and on advantage can be used it for two sets of variable arms, which can adapt to a variable frame shapes.  A significant advantage is the unit can support each independent by other one, or to be secured to the wall, this Branchline is the best plan for and is adaptable for small spaces, because can also be reversed, the legs are using a set of arms for hanging utensils. The bamboo with a splendid dark brown finish is using for this Special Edition Branchline.

Bikes suport 600x401  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes 4 600x896  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes floor support 600x401  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes floor support1 600x401  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes furniture 600x400  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes furniture3 600x896  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes furniture support 600x450  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes furniture support1 600x450  Furniture for Bikes


Bikes interior design support 600x450  Furniture for Bikes


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