3D Printing Design Vases

You can never have too many vases, that is for sure. A beautiful vase with fresh flowers will always brighten up any space in your house. We’ve spotted some original and very attractive models of vases showcasing 3D printing design, which belongs to .exnovo collection, a collection with unique material ideas and creative objects. Creativity, technology and emotion are three successful ingredients which are behind the Italian brand .exnovo, a brand that promises to offer you exclusive products with personalised forms in small production numbers, created using 3D Printing technology.

The 3-dimensional structures of these vases remind us by the complexity of the nests, and also by the formation of soap bubbles and the structures they create, define some special pieces that add a sculptural element to the setting and make a great focal point in a bookcase, on a table or anywhere you want. Although very light weight, Bubbles vase is still extremely strong thanks to this 3D printing design. They are both made by laser sintered polyamide and are available only 2 weeks.

Nest Vase

designer: Selvaggia Armani

Nest Vase 3d printing design 01 3D Printing Design Vases Nest Vase 3d printing design 02 3D Printing Design Vases


Bubbles Vase

designer: Selvaggia Armani

White Bubbles Vase by .exnovo 03 3D Printing Design Vases White Bubbles Vase by .exnovo 04 3D Printing Design Vases White Bubbles Vase by .exnovo 05 3D Printing Design Vases

 Photos © .exnovo

pixel 3D Printing Design Vases

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