5 Beautiful Ideas for Relax with Furniture Design

The body position in different poses of the day is most important when it comes to items of furnitur. I have decided to present 5 design ideas of furniture relax,  inspired by five very skilled designers, I tried to summarize the different aspects, whether we are lying on the couch, whether laptop stand with feet or we have to take a book from a shelf  or to watch TV, design objects that you use should never be neglected.Next I will present five ideas for relaxing with beautiful furniture design:

1. Modular shelving unit – “Vjunok/Bindweed” series by Maria Yasko


2. Restoration of a farmhouse Owners D’arc. Studio, rosa topputo


3.  C30 project by Luis Luna




4. PicCells | Inflatable Furniture Equipment by Igor Lobanov







5. Wooden Laptop Stand Owners Lesha Galkin, Dopludo Collective















Note: All images are linked to their source.



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  1. Zain Baynes says:

    Super post. Some good points you mention in there.

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