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7 Most Renowned Scottish Castles

by designer

As a mountainous country in the north of the island of Great Britain, Scotland is famous for many things as we’re sure many of you know that, but its marvelous medieval castles still remain at the top of our favourite list. Part of the country’s rich heritage, the Scottish castles fascinates thousands of visitors each year with their amazing architecture and long interesting histories, so no visit to Scotland would be complete without seeing at least one of them.

The range of style, sizes and features offered by Scottish castles is unsurpassed if we think that there were constructed around 3000 castles over 900 years as historical records say, probably more than any other country in Europe. Dating from the late medieval era, most of them are built on hills along natural waterways, by important trade crossroads, and near precarious approaches on cliffs, featuring massive stone towers with high curtain walls.

Their long and colorful histories are often told to be surrounded by pride, struggles, intriguing tales and secrets. Today,  Scottish castles are considered some of the most romantic destinations in Europe and perhaps in the world taking into consideration the breathtaking scenery where they are located.  Here you have a list which will take you round 7 amazing very popular examples, a true lesson in Scottish history and culture. We ensure your that the reality far surpasses the images.

Edinburgh Castle


Eilean Donan Castle

Stirling Castle


Urquhart Castle

Balmoral Castle

Craigievar Castle

Culzean Castle