An Distinctive Original Design The University Library Building

This building was renamed on December 1, 1995, Geisel Library,  in honor of Audrey and Theodor Geisel because of the generous contributions they have made to the library. This famous library is located in the center of the UCSD campus, it has eight levels rising 110 feet above the ground an the materials used are glass and concrete.

It has a distinctive original design like a  canyon ball-shaped design. After servel drafts  designer William Pereira, because the structural elements were deemed as being too space-consuming, the structure elements were moved to the outside of the structure, essentially resulting in the current “lantern” design. In the early 1990s The Library Addition, was designed by Gunnar Birkerts. One unusual feature of the library is that the lower levels are numbered 1 and 2, and the upper floors numbered 4 through 8. The third floor doesn’t exist, it is actually an open/outside floor  and this space it is used for emergency. Geisel Library is a very beautiful library where all the students can study and enjoying this distinctive design.

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