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Combination of interior design and colors in unique shapes , add a high quality when we want to adapt a uniqueness for our spaces. Whit this idea i found one great design by Italian manufacturer Tecno.

Is one design futurist, and the designers can take interior design furniture templates by this creation, in our home interior design furniture and office design.

In the forward I will  let the description of  the FB Designers:

Leader in high performances motor boats as well as in the marine military field, FB Design founded in 1971 by Fabio Buzzi chose Tecno to be supported in the project and installation ot the working spaces in the new building in Oggiono, Lecco (Italy).
The first aim of the project was to create a link between the engineering area, core-business of the company, and the production area, in an high-branded environment, where the brand colour (yellow) leaves clear signs in the space.
Choosing anthracite colour for the Partition WE helped to go over the common banality of a working space. Yellow for the drawers, backs and panels was used to break the chromatic uniformity and remember the brand colour.
Special editions of the Nomos table were made for different solutions: boomerang-shaped for the head offices, in glass (back-varnished in yellow) with black base for the administration and in a extra-long version (6,5 m) for the meeting room with a glass-core lightened from the floor and the top in AluCompact.



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