Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid Architect

With a strong trend architectural and a futuristic interior design, the Guangzhou Opera House is a cultural center defined of a multitude of positive opinions, for the architects  represent one good axe when decide to make one Opera House.
“The Opera House design is the latest realization of Zaha Hadid Architects’ unique exploration of contextual urban relationships, combining the cultural traditions that have shaped Guangzhou’s history, with the ambition and optimism that will create its future.” -Zaha Hadid Architects
The Guangzhou Opera House houses have 1,800-seat auditorium with a remarcable acustic technology, and one smaller 400-seat multifunction hall, what is designed for art, opera and concerts with one unique hight performance.

The Opera House is at the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural development.

Building Information

Program: 1,800 seats Grand theatre, entrance lobby & lounge
Multifunction hall, other auxiliary facilities & support premises
Client: Guangzhou Municipal Government
Architect: Design Zaha Hadid
Area : 73,019 m2
Site Area: 42,000 m2
Cost: 1.38 Billion RMB
Opera House: 1,804 seats
Multipurpose Hall: 443 seats

source : e-architect

photos:Iwan Baan


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