How to Design Your Kids’ Room

When it comes to planning the kids’ room always start from the premise that the approach should be totally different than when decorating an adult bedroom. That’s because children’s bedroom should reflect their personality and not that of their parents. For children, the bedroom is the place to play, read, listen to music, expose their valuables, day-dream or retreat to be alone for a while. Try these strategies to create a space to thank you and, but especially to make them happy. Decoration of this room is, besides the pleasure that challenges the child, a good way to reveal the playful side, to release the child from yourself, have fun and remember: even if the topics chosen children seem bizarre, there is a way to find a compromised without refusing childhood pleasures. Exist many places where you can buy a bedstar online for your Kids’Room but it is important to:

1. Talk to your children: find out what activities concern them, what are their fantasies, their favorite colors, what it is unique in their personality and other details like this, around which you can build a decorative theme. Enter all these children’s interest in a design that make them feel comfortable, happy and safe.

2. Allow children to help you: let them express their opinions on colors, materials and how to be exposed collections of objects. Sometimes you can be surprised by their imagination and . Keep in mind that the design should be a flexible enough so that it can be adapted to changes in tastes, needs and interests of your children, changes that can be quite often.

3. Opt for a multi-functional room: since children use their room for other activities besides sleeping, it should include more areas, distinguish between them: reading area, a space that can be played with friends, equipped with television, computer games CDs; a place to be able to expose your favorite pictures, posters or own work (cork board or wall), a space in which to display their collections, trophies, diplomas or other personal things, which they are so proud.

4. Consider storing a priority: control disorder is probably the biggest challenge of all. Try to have at hand: shelves, decorative baskets large wicker, plastic transparent containers, cabinets containing numerous shelves.

5. Choose the right light: the children’s room should include both lighting needs study or reading, and relaxing lighting. Night light must be taken also into account, if your child does not feel comfortable in the dark. Moreover, this night light running must lead him safely to the bathroom.

6. Decorate windows as simple as possible: avoid long curtains. Shutters, modern roller blinds and curtains are more appropriate and safer for the children’s room. Material they are made should be versatile, and models must be found in other decorative elements of the room: blankets, bedding, beds, lampshades and other.

7. Use wallpaper or paint to add color and texture: you can apply, for example, ingenious wall edges and you can paint stars and clouds on the ceiling. It is recommended to ensure that children’s bedroom walls can be washed without problems, in order to change patterns according to their preferences. Children love bright colors, but you have to limit yourself to use only a strong color on a wall, otherwise, the setting becomes tiring.

8. Let children choose decorative theme: the options are endless: a fun house fire, a starry night, angels, rainbows, unicorns, baseball, a bedroom for a princess, underwater scenery, outer space, race cars, airplanes, trains, reasons jungle, wizards and dragons, dinosaurs.



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  1. thank you for great inspiration, my kid’s room need design.

  2. Nidhi says:

    These are amazing ideas. My daughter loved the green room setup, abut I don’t know where to get this from ?

  3. Glen says:

    My daughter likes the pink polka dot and various colour wallpaper. But where can I buy it from.

    Please could you forward the link. Many thanks

    Glen heath

  4. I like the coloured polka dot wallpaper could you please tell me where I can purchase this. Thankyou

  5. lucas72 says:

    Greetings to all Internet users

  6. interioridea says:

    omg!! really amazing!!

  7. My co-worker recommended this site from a post he read the other day. I’m glad he did! Thanks!

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