Innovative Design Concept by Skate Study House

You were passionate about innovative design skateboarding as a teenager? Your child, your partner or your brother is changing boards of skateboarding as shirts and your balcony is full of old, that’s not allowed to throw? Look what can be done with them!“Skateboard is design” is a motto that Pierre Andre Senizergues  and Gil Le Bon De LaPointe from Skate Study House (SSH) took it seriously. They specialized in recreating popular furniture through the vision of a skateboarder.  Anticipation and adaptation to one’s environment are those characteristics of the movement of a skateboarder that this creative  and unique concept tries to reflect in its collection that is a mixture of contemporary lifestyle, art and action sports culture. SSH collection does not copy, but … admire. More accurate, it celebrates the twentieth century famous furniture. The name is inspired by the famous project he developed in Los Angeles after World War II, Case Study House, where 50 houses were built and furnished with the latest and most original innovative design objects. “Cool” is a word that was born here. It is expected, with a simple skateboard board integrated into a design icon, the scene suddenly enter the sport, and this street.

Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design Innovative Design



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