Modern Azure Office Space in Kiev

Welcome to a modern office space that mixes minimalist design furniture with a playful combination of sloping curves and angles. Located in Kiev, Ukraine this exciting work space has, like another unique project Twister, a very imaginative and original design with plenty of inspiring elements.  Azure Office is another project designed by Serghei Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy that definitely sparks your creativity. Azure design concept reflects exactly the client’s company main characteristics, which is producing design accessories. Its beautiful blue and bright color interior communicates to both its employees and clients and features a meeting space, presentation area, workspace, terrace and storage. Designers play beautifully with two shades of blue and together with brown, white, red and black colors manage to create a gorgeous contrast. To maintain this interesting dynamic, no two rooms share the same furniture. Corian and wooden were the materials used for wall coverings and in the bathroom were used wood and concrete.

 Photos © Sergey Makhno

Project details:

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Total area: 126 square meters
Project name: Ukraine Design Factory, “Azure”
Main material: Wood, concrete, Corian
Design team: Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy

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4 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Serghei Makhno and Butenko Vasiliy do a wonderful job with this office space, and the use of different shades of blue colors really work well together. It’s truly impressive to see Corian(R) used this way and in creating such a wonderful curve shape that looks like it’s being peeled from the walls and shelves. Christine from DuPont.

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