Outdoor Pavilion Design with Mirrors by DHL architecture

Outdoor Pavilion is designed with mirrors and  from the outside the building is camouflaged with mirrors, where you can look around and things nearby, large doors are invisible, and entries can sometimes be searched by people who want to come inside. The building gives the impression of a continuous space where the artist can walk around. It is a hard drive for creativity in design and architecture
With this unique look can say it is part of the environment, the viewer sees only a distortion specific mirroring, the feeling is a need for transparency, in a word is a creation stunning in contemporary design. The outdoor studio by Amsterdam-based architects Architecture DHL is a futuristic real inspiration. The look of the outdoor pavilion design with mirrors give easily transition from the inside out and vice verso.

Outdoor Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

Pavilion for an artist
Competition 1st prize
Amsterdam, NL ‘07 – ‘08
architect DHL architecture
design team Lada Hršak, Daniëlle Huls
client Stichting Nieuw en Meer
photos Thomas Lenden

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