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Urban Glamour Defining the Koko Restaurant and Bar in Montreal

Dramatic, yet inviting, mysterious and sexy, the Koko Restaurant and Bar is among the hottest dining, drinking and socializing space in Montreal, the largest bilingual city in North America and is known for its stylish sophistication and internationalism. And how could it not be so if it was envisioned by interior design firm Robert Bailey Interiors and it’s part of one of the world’s hottest new hotels designated by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

What did designer Robert Bailey with Koko Restaurant and Bar is creating an oustanding hospitality environment ideal for both daytime and evening, as a restaurant and a destination cocktail lounge, which celebrates sumptuousness and perfectly reflects the Opus Hotel experience and compliments the Opus brand.

Once  you step inside, a gorgeous playful mix of chic contrasts evoking the baroque style instantly captivates you, creating an intimate and positive guest experience along with an exquisite Quebec specialities consisting in the freshest combination of modern and clean flavours with Western culinary techniques. The designer’s vision for this project was to create a mysterious, exotic and sexy place and the inspiration he took from the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley and buildings’ art nouveau architecture seems to led him to this amazing result merging of opposites.

He played with sleek lines, old and new neo-Baroque furnishings and finishes, ornate against minimal on a dramatic silver, black and white backdrop. Beyond the monochromatic palette, there is a vibrant green accent which runs along the length of the floor in the grand salon which we also find on the outdoor terrace that gives energy and excitment to the overall restaurant design. Glittering chandeliers and over-height ceilings contribute to the stylish and sophisticated ambiance helping you relax and enjoy the occasion. What do you think of the Koko Restaurant and Bar’s design? Share with us your opinions in the comment section below.

Photos: © Robert Bailey Interiors.




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