World’s First EcoFriendly Over-Ear Headphones with Sophisticated Design

If you ever wondered if there are ecofriendly over-ear headphones and how it looks like, let me tell you that they exists and are really, really good- looking, not to mention about their high-quality performances. Here are the new released eco edition of Noisezero O+ Eco Headphones which proves that electronics products can be made from recyclable materials and keep in the same time their cool design and great performances.

It has been designed using recyclable stainless steel, cornstarch bio plastics and aluminum. Featuring extra large titanium coated HD driver unit with neodymium iron boron magnet, it’s eliminated unwanted vibration and provide powerful and quality sound. Ear-buds acoustics chamber is made of cornstarch bio-plastics together with the sheep leather ear pads improve the sound quality and give you comfort. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, Noisezero O+ is available in two colours, gold or anthracite, and come with a soft carry pouch.




For more information, please visit the source: EOps and Michael Young

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