Xi gallery – the new brands of apartments by Mass Studies

 Located in Yeonsan-dong, Pusan, south korea this building was constructed for the purpose of promoting “Xi,” a brand of apartments and also provide cultural spaces for local residences who are interesting on it.

This architectural design is an brand-new building typology where you can find the cultural and the families together to experiment this wonderful new concept.

Below you will see some technical s data:

Project Data
architect: cho,minsuk + park,kisu
design team: mass studies
location: 1123-1 Yonsan-dong, Yonjae-gu, Pusan, Korea
site area: 10074.80 m2
gross floor area: 3613.94 m2
total floor area: 9400.79 m2
building-to-land ratio: 35.87%
floor area ratio: 93.31%
building scope: 3f, pilloti
structure: sc

finishing: plant box, ETFE, Polycarbonate
design period: 2006.11~2007.03
construction period: 2007.03~2007.08


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