10 Awesome DIY Halloween Decor Ideas You Can Try This Year

Have you thought of how you will decorate your home for Halloween this year? I’ll bet the kids are so excited about what they will wear as costumes for the trick and treat activity around the neighborhood. So why not make their Halloween experience more fun and memorable? Check out these 10 Halloween décor ideas that are guaranteed to illicit screams and laughter from your visitors.

  1. Easy-To-Do Halloween Lantern

Buy a black lantern, Halloween colored ribbons, and a clip on spider. Cut ribbons in different shapes, colors, and lengths then tie them to the top of the lantern. Clip the spider on the lantern to create a Halloween effect.

  1. Toilet Paper Halloween Characters

            You will need toilet paper rolls, glue stick, and black felt for this project. Create faces by cutting various shapes out of black felt such as eyes, animal faces, monster faces, or jack-o-lantern faces. Squeeze a little amount of glue on one side of the cut-out faces and stick to the toilet paper roll.

  1. Mummified Halloween Pumpkin

To create this décor, you will need artificial pumpkin, cheesecloth, fabric stiffener, scissors,   1-inch googly eyes, glue gun and hotmelt adhesive, black acrylic paint, crafts knife, glow-in-the-dark gel paint, and paintbrush – this maybe the right time to use coupons to save on expenses in buying the stuff needed.

Cut into 4×12-inch strips cheesecloth and apply fabric stiffener. Wrap the pumpkin with the stiffened strips leaving the bottom and top uncovered. Allow to dry. Glue eyes to pumpkin. Cover portions of the eyes with stiffened cheesecloth diagonally. With a knife, carve a small mouth through the cheesecloth and paint the inside black. Apply glow-in-the-dark paint on the cheesecloth and let dry.

  1. DIY Pumpkin Cans

Make your own pumpkin baskets out of tin cans creatively by following the procedure.

  1. Halloween Spirit Jugs

This simple project requires clean plastic gallon milk jugs, craft knife, black permanent marker, and string of 50 clear low-wattage holiday lights.

 With a black permanent marker, draw ghost mouths and eyes on the milk jugs. Cut a small hole in the back of each jug using the craft knife. Arrange the jugs in the porch or in the walkway and string the lights between them. Stuff some bulbs into the jugs to make them light up.

  1. Blood-Splattered Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a murder scene by splattering fake blood on the curtains, towels, and mirrors. Save on material cost with the help of wayfair 20 off code 2014. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to get the right scream-inducing effect.

  1. Halloween Monster Door

 You will need masking tape, 2 paper plates, streamers, and tombstones, black paper cut into circles, gourds, pumpkins, flower pots, and scissors.

Create the monster face on the front door using the paper plates, black circle cut-outs, and streamers by taping them with a masking tape. Add the gourds, pumpkins and tombstones on the flower pots and place them on both sides of the door.

  1. Halloween Danger Signs

 Jump into the Halloween spirit by placing danger signs in the lawn. Create signs using corrugated cardboard, colored papers, spray glue, and garden stakes.

Cut out words out of colored papers; attach them on corrugated cardboard with spray glue; and stick them up on garden stakes. Place the stakes haphazardly in your lawn or garden to get the best effect.


  1. Wall of Bats

    Draw bats on black construction papers; cut with scissors; bend the wings a bit; and glue them on the wall


     10.Scary Window Silhouettes

 Create scary silhouettes of witches, cats, ghosts, monsters, and any other Halloween characters by cutting shapes from black cardboard and placing them on your windows with a little bit of scotch tape.

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