10 Awesome Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

The living room is often considered the center of the home. It is the place for family movie nights, casual dinners, and social gatherings. Have you been sitting in your living room thinking that it was outdated or could use a few changes? You don’t have to go totally modern, but a few changes can refresh your space and make it like new. 

Your living space should be a place of comfort and practicality. There is no need to clutter the tables with knick-knacks so you can’t even set down a bowl of popcorn. Give your room a fresh modern look with these easy ideas. 

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Here are 10 awesome ideas to modernize your living room:

Bold Colors:

It may seem counterintuitive to add bold colors to a space you spend a lot of time in, but a bold paint color can add warmth and comfort to an otherwise cold environment. You don’t have to paint all four walls a navy blue or deep forest green, but a dark accent wall can bring a sense of calm to the room. 

Unable to paint the walls? Go bold with accents in the room, such as artwork, throw pillows, rugs, and other decor. The bold color doesn’t have to be in the form of paint. 

New Furniture:

You don’t have to buy an entirely new furniture set for your living room, but a few pieces can modernize the space and make it feel completely new. Change out your wood coffee table for a chrome or mirrored table, and add a matching end table to bring it all together. If you can, replace a few things at a time until you get the right look. 

Refurbished furniture can make these changes for a better cost, or you can revamp your own pieces with a new coat of paint or fabric. 

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Art on the Walls:

What makes a house look lived in is the art on the walls. Have you ever walked into someone’s home, saw blank walls, and asked if they just moved in? Adding artwork to the walls makes the house feel inviting and comfortable rather than blank walls. For a modern look, choose simple frames and basic artwork to match the colors already in the room. 

When choosing pieces for the wall, go with what you like, not just what fits your theme. You will be spending a lot of time looking at the work of art, and if you don’t like it, the space will be less comfortable. 

Electric Fireplaces:

Electric fireplace heaters are perfect for a home that does not have a chimney. They add literal warmth to a room but have a modern look compared to a traditional fireplace. An electric fireplace takes up less space in a room and offers flexibility for installation. 

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Many fireplaces go unused due to the cost and hassle of the natural gas or wood they burn. An electric fireplace can be used in the same location as an existing fireplace and reduce the cost so you can stay warm on a cold rainy day. 

Small Luxuries:

There is a joy that comes with finding out that your table lamp has a charging port for your phone or the couch you want has a secret cup holder. These small additions may not add to the look of the space, but they create functionality that goes above and beyond. Incorporating these small things will modernize any room. 

Small luxuries don’t have to be technological or functional either. They can include a super soft pillow that you found at the store that you know you don’t need, but it brings you joy. As long as your additions bring you joy, it is a great choice. 

Mount the TV:

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Modern spaces are all about creating an environment for social gatherings without the eyesore of a flat-screen TV in the middle of the room. If you can, put the TV in the corner of the room where it is still easily watched or mount it on the wall where it can be off the floor. 

Some TV’s offer a setting that displays artwork or has a mirrored surface when they are not in use. This can make the TV disappear even when in a prominent place in the room. Another option is to draw attention to the TV with LEDs behind the screen that change color with what you are watching. You can buy stick-on tiles that sync to your TV and enhance the experience. 

Modern Lighting:

Every living room needs lighting, and you can modernize the space by featuring a light fixture. Chrome, brass, or matte black metal light fixtures add a touch of modernism while remaining functional. Geometric shapes that stand out are a great addition to any living room. 

Simple lines and patterns will help create the mood of the room and allow for other items in the room to be the focal point. 

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Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are highly versatile and can be used in just about every room in your home. The key is to use the right style shelf for the correct design and create a cohesive look. Black or white painted wood shelves add clean lines without drawing too much attention. 

Steer clear of natural wood or raw edges in a modern design as they could shift the look to a modern farmhouse. Add simple elements to the shelves without overcrowding to complete the modern look. 

Maximize Natural Light:

Modern living rooms without natural light can feel like dungeons, and the simplicity works against you. Do what you can to maximize the natural light in your living room by adding sheer curtains or add tiebacks to hold back the curtains during the day. If you own your home, you can consider adding a window to the room to include more light. 

For a room without large windows or the ability to add them, use light colors to boost what light you have and make the space feel brighter. Add LED lamps for extra light during the day and minimal impact on the energy and cost of running them during the day. 

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Take your bold choice in a different direction and go for a monochromatic look. This does not mean that every piece in your room needs to be the same color, but you can add the same accent color to the chair, the rug, the curtains, or the throw pillows. A base color of white, black, or beige is the perfect background for the monochromatic look. 

Use caution when trying this technique as color-coordinated can go from a perfect balance to overwhelming amounts of the same color quickly. Add a few pieces at a time and stop when you find the right balance. 

Find Your Own Way:

There are endless ways to modernize your living room, and the most important part is that you feel comfortable in the room and use it for what you love to do the most. Whether you watch a movie by yourself with a bowl of popcorn, binge your favorite TV show with your significant other, or host a game night with your friends, you can enjoy your modern design. 

Updating an entire room can seem costly and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Take it one step at a time and see your vision come to life. 

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