10 Fantastic Reasons To Drywall A Detached Garage

Drywalling a detached garage allows you to work and practice hobbies with low noise.

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Consider drywalling for sound absorption if you have a family home or duplex house with a detached garage. Moreover, drywalling improves the appearance of your garage with color and brightness. As a result, it increases visibility and makes your garage livable.

If you want to hide the wiring and plumbing of your garage, drywalling could be your solution. With drywalling, you can conceal water pipes, internet cables, and electrical wiring. Furthermore, drywalling requires fewer tools and improves the resale value of your home.

If you think soundproofing and hiding wiring is all you get with drywalling, you are in for a treat. We will discuss reasons to drywall a detached garage to increase your knowledge:

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Makes The Garage More Livable

There are various activities that homeowners can perform in drywall garages to promote a healthy lifestyle. Drywalling a detached garage makes the space more livable by letting you define zones.

Furthermore, you can create a division with partitions and organizing spaces. For example, you can set up a home gym or design a play space the whole family can enjoy in a garage. In addition, you can set up a media room or car maintenance and repair workshop in a garage.

Noise Reduction

Neighbors expressed dissatisfaction when airborne noises started emitting from my garage. So, the question, should I drywall my detached garage came to mind. The sound absorption properties of drywall can solve the problem. If you drywall your garage, you can perform various activities without interruptions.

Drywalling can minimize sound to a degree, but it is not soundproof. It is the insulation installed in the stud bay that reduces the sound. If you live in a population-dense area, reduce your garage noise with drywalling. It reduces noise and keeps everyone at peace. But if you’re going to teach music classes, consider effective soundproofing.

Budget Friendly

Drywall is cost-effective material available in a wide array of heights and thicknesses. It means that you can drywall a detached garage within a budget. With drywall, you can reduce installation costs and labor time. Fasteners, tape, and the seam compound are installation materials with lower overhead costs.

Conceal Plumbing and Wiring

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Another reason to drywall a detached garage is to hide wiring and plumbing. Consider drywalling if you want to hide ventilation and air conditioning ducts in your garage. You can also hide internet cables and drains.

Most of these materials go into the garage wall stud cavity during installation. You can keep these utilities out of sight by covering them up with drywall sheathings. It improves the appearance of your detached garage.

Fire Resistance

Suppose you store flammable products that can burn in your garage, consider drywalling. With Drywall gypsum properties, you never have to worry about it burning. Gypsum contains 50% water in crystalline form. The material releases the water as steam to slow down heat transmission.

The gypsum remains fire resistant even if the steaming water evaporates. You can keep petrol safe in your detached garage if you consider drywalling. In addition, you can handle highly-inflammable equipment in your garage without burning it down.

Garage Walls Insulation

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If you want to make your garage conducive for various activities, consider insulation. You can use your garage as a shelter during harsh weather. While the weather condition outside determines your garage temperature, insulation makes it comfortable.

You can manage the garage climate and make it more livable with insulation. When you drywall a detached garage, it creates a cavity between the wall and stud. You can fill the hole with insulating materials to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

Easy to Use

You can efficiently work with drywall because it requires fewer tools than other sheathing materials. Most of your work will be installing 4 ft. x 8 ft. boards. When cutting large boards into desired sizes, you only need a saw.

A pair of safety glasses, stud locator, hammer, tape measure, and power drill are a few required tools. In addition, consider getting a respirator if you’re at risk of dust.

Easy to Patch Up

Drywall is durable and versatile, but it is not particularly strong. You can make a hole, crack and dent on drywall with little force. However, you can patch up and smoothen cracked drywall surfaces. You can patch up minor drywall holes, dents, and cracks with a putty knife.

Cut out the damaged rectangular section if you’re dealing with a giant hole. You can support and position the new patch in the available space. Furthermore, run the drywall tape around the patch edges for desired results.

Improves Garage Color and Brightness

By drywalling your detached garage, you can enhance its outlook with brightness and color. You can create personalized designs on a black canvas for your garage. The best color to increase space brightness is white, so consider using it for the garage ceiling.

Most people like white because it looks clean. The color also improves lighting reflection, but it is vulnerable to dirt. You can design sections of the garage based on preferences with various colors. But consider painting the ceiling first and following up with the walls.

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Increases Home Value

To increase the resale value of your property, consider drywalling the garage. Drywall is difficult to carry but looks great after installation.

Furthermore, the clean appearance of your garage after installing drywall will impress buyers. Most buyers love garages with drywall installation, leading to an increase in the property’s resale value.


Drywall is durable, versatile, and cost-effective, making it ideal for your detached garage. You can conceal the electrical wiring and internet cables with drywalling. Hiding these cables and wires improves the appearance of your garage. Drywall also makes the space more livable.

If you’re worried about equipment noise from your garage, drywalling could be your solution. Consider drywalling a detached garage because of its sound absorption and fire-resistant properties.

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