10 Principles of Effective Logo Design for a Business

An effective logo is not just a collection of great graphic solutions. There is a lot of preliminary work behind this. It is necessary to think over the brand’s mission and analyze the composition of the target audience.

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To create a cool logo, you need to answer two critical questions:

During the brainstorming phase, many sketches are created. The main thing is to let the designers relax and not limit their imagination.

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Below are the principles of logo design that will help you create an attractive and successful logo.

  1. Simplicity

There is no need to invent patterns and put layers on layers, reducing logo recognition in the end to zero. In the final version, there should be only those elements that are critical.

The principle of simplicity is the first thing that underlies an effective logo. Complex logos can be distracting; unnecessary elements can be confusing. It is necessary to simplify life for the consumer and be laconic.

  1. Memorability

A good logo should remain in the memory of the one who sees it.

Many good logos are easily reproducible. Think of the Mercedes three-pointed star – it can be quickly drawn from memory without being a designer. A complex logo is harder to remember and harder to reproduce. And this means that people will soon forget your brand.

It is important not to slip into excessive simplicity. Simplicity does not equal platitude. The designer must create something easy to perceive visually, but at the same time original and conveys the spirit of the brand. It’s not always easy.

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3. Think to the future

When creating a logo, it is good to consider current trends. But it would help if you thought about the future. Your logo should be relevant for many years to come. The market is unpredictable – and things may change in the future. Choose the message that conveys the whole essence of your brand and create a logo out of it.

4. Versatility

The versatility of the logo allows you to see the whole essence of the company through the logo. If you plan to work internationally, your logo should be understandable in all countries and cultures. 

Let the logo have a clear meaning for everyone. Use simple symbols that most people can understand. For example, many cloud storages choose a cloud, folder, or box for a logo, and programs for storing passwords look like a key or a safe.

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5. Uniqueness

Of course, you have to stand out from the competition. The visual concept of the brand should be as different as possible from those logos that are already known to the general public. 

Otherwise, you can lose the battle only by entering the battlefield – you will be mistaken for a different brand, and all the laurels (and money) will flow to him.

6. Good readability

How often have you remembered brands that are written in italics, with monograms, or where letters are piled up so that nothing is clear? 

Quite right – most likely, you don’t remember any of these logos at all. Our brains love clarity. A well-readable logo is well imprinted in the brain and memorable.

The designer must make sure that the logo is reproduced on all sorts of devices. It is better if the logo is not strongly dependent on color. Otherwise, its effect will be lost after printing on a black and white printer.

7. Scalability

Your logo should be adaptable to any size. When creating a logo, you have to ask yourself the question: can it be placed on a giant billboard or a tiny pen? 

A scalable logo should make sense, look good, and remain legible at any size. If your logo has too much detail, it will be difficult to reduce it to a small size.

8. Use a correct color combination

Choosing a logo color is not an easy task. Here it would help if you found a good combination that reflects the direction of your business and correctly affects the perception of you by people. For example, psychologists say that red carries a charge of the activity, the desire for action, while blue, on the contrary, helps relax and calm down.

Remember good legibility and contrast when choosing colors. It is better to use more contrasting combinations and combine bright colors with less saturated ones.

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9. Learn from others

Research the competitors in your industry and simply the most popular brands. Ask yourself – what makes their logo attractive? How is it created? What does it reflect?

For example, the Nike logo – is simple, fast, and dynamic, but also symbolic. The logo represents the wing of the famous statue of the Greek goddess of Victory, which is the perfect symbol in the sportswear business.

Train your eye for successful logos, and start creating your own. In the CNN article, you can read about famous logos and their hidden meaning.

10. Avoid clichés

Simplicity and clarity are good. But try to move away from a literal understanding of your product. Also, to be creative, you have to move from the image of a light bulb when you talk about “idea.” How can your design be unique if the same idea is present in other logos? 

Avoid this kind of visual clichés and come up with an original idea and design. Do not copy or borrow designs from others. Don’t use stock icons or clip arts – the whole point of a logo is in its uniqueness. Read the tips from the Forbes article to create your unique logo, where it is stated that it is your brand that has to come before your logo.

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Logo design is never easy and cheap. Finding your unique and unrepeatable logo is one of the main steps in your business. Only professionals can create an effective logo design.

It is important to remember that the look and type of the logo depending on the project. Whether it is food delivery to your home or trading platforms offering paid or free crypto signals, it is essential to consider the specifics of the business and audience when creating a logo.

The designer must create an object that attracts attention and retains memory. For example, on mlsdev.com, designers can help you create a unique and memorable logo for your business as a part of the software development service.

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