10 Small But Funky Bathroom Designs

Contrary to popular belief, having just a tiny amount of space to work with doesn’t mean having to compromise on coolness. Even with the smallest bathrooms out there, just a little inspiration is all that’s needed to transfer a ‘cosy’ living space into something seriously epic.

So if you’re not quite sure where to start, feast your eyes on the following 10 ideas for making the most of your small bathroom with a few inspired decorating ideas:

Some say there’s no improving on the classics, which when it comes to bathroom design might just be right! Gorgeous weathered furniture, old-fashioned fixtures and a timeless tiled floor transform this tiny bathroom.

Thought a tiny bathroom was too small to accommodate a large bath, sink, toilet and even a slim chrome electric towel rail? Not in the slightest…it’s just a case of where you decide to position everything!

Even with next to no space to work with, there’s no reason why you still can’t enjoy all the luxury of his and hers sinks in your tiny bathroom. Keeping things compact doesn’t have to mean compromising.

One killer tip to work with when decorating a smaller bathroom is to make maximum use of all that lovely corner space. Done properly, you’d be amazed what you fit in there and still have it feeling nice and roomy.

It’s no secret that anything bright and shiny can make a room feel bigger than it actually is. To such an extent that you can even get away with dark and moody colours in a tiny bathroom and still keep it looking and feeling great.

If you can’t afford to kit out your whole bathroom in the real stuff, there are plenty of marble-effect substitutes out there which these days are pretty much impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

Admittedly, it could have your bathroom looking and feeling a little like an American diner. But at the same time, that’s probably just about as cool of a prospect as it gets for some people!

However you decide to decorate your small bathroom, creative storage solutions will help you maximise all available space and keep the whole place looking and feeling as large and airy as possible.

Once again, simply swap out the usual modern fixtures and fittings for something a little more old-school and you probably won’t believe how effective it can be. Not to mention, surprisingly affordable.

If you ever needed proof that you don’t need much space at all to create a cute and quirky bathroom, how about making use of that tiny bit of space under the stairs? Waste not, want not!

Last up, admittedly it’s not going to be a plausible prospect for most, but what an epic way of freeing up floor space! This might just be the coolest bath on the face of the Earth right now…albeit a bath that’s probably not suitable for 99% of bathrooms. Or budgets, for that matter!

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