10 things to consider in your checklist when moving

When we are moving, planning is very important. Without a good plan we might end up in a mess and this can be troublesome.

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The first thing you must have is a checklist of dos and don’ts. With this checklist, you will plan and all work will go out smoothly. Today we will list 10 things to consider in your checklist when moving.

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1) Make a complete walkthrough

Before unloading all the things from your transport vehicle, make a walkthrough to check all are in the right condition and everything said in the contract is real and present, if not contact the realtor at once to settle the issue. Also, check and see where you can put your thing rather than struggling to decide after unloading. 

2) Childproof and pet-proof

If you have children or pets then you need to accident-proof your house surroundings. This is very important to avoid any unwanted happenings at the new place as they are not very familiar with the place. 

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3) Check electricity and plumbing

Before you even move in you need to check on the electricity and plumbing. Make sure all the plumbing is good and no leakage and also makes sure to check each one of the electrical ports so that the electricity will flow with no issue. If you are moving to the Durham city area, there are many electrician in Durham that you can appoint to check for any issues.

4) Check your phone and internet connections

Never delay on this because both the internet and phone is very important in case of emergency. Make sure the cabling has been done and the connection is working perfectly.

5) Do a thorough clean up

The best thing to be in is a clean home. For this, you need to clean it up thoroughly and make sure no dust around the place as a house left for some time are mostly dusty. You can do it yourself or you can appoint a cleaning service to do the job before you move in.

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6) Change the locks

This is very important as an old lock might be an easier route for robbers and even the old tenant. We never know what can happen so it is better to change the lock so that only you can have the access to your new home.

7) Update your address

Always do this after you move in. This is important so that people know where you are especially your family and friends. Not only that, but update your address at the post office, bank, subscription services and loan providers so that you will continue getting your bill and all related letters.

8) Check any pending bills

Always check if your new address has any pending bills. If they do then ask the previous owner or the realtor and ask them to settle it first. You never want to get piled up with existing bills that are not used by you. So always check and make sure all are settled and you can start fresh.

9) Security

When you are moving into a new area you will never know what type of things you can expect there. It might be good or even bad. So always set up security so that you feel safe. Some of them are motion detectors, cameras or full home security systems.

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10) Get to know your neighbours

Always get to know your neighbours early on. A friend in a new place always makes it easier for you. This includes knowing about the community and getting recommendations about the local services. 


Moving into a new place might seem overwhelming but if you use this 10 checklist and follow it, you will surely have a better experience and makes your transition a lot easier.

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