15 Beautiful and Contemporary Bedroom Designs

Intimate and personal spaces, bedrooms are out private retreats to every day escape from the noisy and stressful outside world. Designing the bedroom is as important as any other room in the home, neither should be neglected. The interior design of the bedrooms should be treated with utmost seriousness. Contemporary master bedroom designs should have in one hand the possibility to be shoothing, relaxing, but also give you a romantic, playful atmosphere for a special evening.

The environment transformations will be enabled in a moment by the use of lighting, music, furniture and colors, if they are created from the beginning for this purpose. For example, a well-placed color can say alot about the overall design. Playing with colors is as pleasant and exciting as it is difficult to master, because color can affect an area in several ways, both positive and negative as we said in a previous post.

Photo: Katie Denham Interiors

A bedroom’s atmosphere is modified by applying different style’s elements, from modern-minimalist style, contemporary, classic, retro, rustic to classic reinterpreted or hightech one. A bedroom design must be both aesthetically pleasant and functional, because if it’s useless, no matter how nice it would be the design, it will be lost and become unusable. See how a great design can turn a dull bedroom into an amazing one.

Here there are 15 inspiring contemporary design ideas to make your bedroom design really stand out. The contemporary design is defined by austere simplicity, but strong and expressive of modernism. So, it should follow the idea of simplicity, light, bright colors and basic shapes.

Less is more must be the starting point in designing contemporary bedroom designs. It will encourage the use some photos and paintings on the walls carefully chosen to express your personality, the use of modern materials (than steel, chrome, plastic and wood in bright colors),  simple furniture, with geometric shapes, blankets and bedding in solid colors, no patterns or folds. The overall feel of the room needs to be comfortable and inviting. Let your imagination run wild while browsing the images below.

Photo: Studio KW Photography

Photo: Narofsky Architecture + ways2design

Photo: b+g design inc.

Photo: b+g design inc.


Photo: Imagine Living

Photo: Jodie Rosen Design

Photo: b+g design inc.

Photo: Urrutia Design

Photo: Michael Abrams Limited

Photo: Jeffers Design Group

Photo: Utopia Lifestyle

Photo: Dick Clark Architecture

Photo: Window Works

Photo: Don F. Wong

Photo: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

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