20 Living Room Setup Ideas for Any Size Space

There are countless ways to arrange furniture in a living room.

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The best way to arrange furniture depends on the shape of the room and what it’s intended for. Here are some tips for arranging furniture in a living room:

1) How to Place Furniture in a Living Room

When arranging your living space, begin with the largest item. This can be a couch, chair, or bed. Place the living room furniture near the focal point of the room. Avoid placing the sofa right next to a window, as this may prevent sunlight from streaming into the room. Position smaller items, such as side tables or coffee tables, across from the larger piece. Accentuate these items with additional decors, such as pillows, vases, artwork, or candles. Ensure each piece is within easy reach of a tabletop.

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2) Small Living Room Layouts

Contrary to popular belief, putting all your furniture against the wall isn’t the best way to organize a small living room. Pulling furniture towards the center creates a more open feeling and makes the room appear larger than it actually is.

3) Flexible Living Room Furniture Arrangements

If there’s space in your living room, give yourself the freedom to rearrange your furniture so that everything works together. You don’t need to fill every square inch of your living room with furniture — just make sure everything fits together nicely.

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4) How to Arrange Furniture on a Rug

To unify a seating group, use a large area rug. Make sure all the main furniture pieces fit on top of the carpet. At least ensure the front legs are on the floor.

5) Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Strategically placing sofas in a living room can help create an inviting atmosphere. You emphasize the space between the two groups by placing one sofa facing away from the main path.

6) Arrange Living Room Furniture for Conversation

If your living room often serves as a place where people gather to talk, choose a furniture layout to facilitate conversations. Put the seating pieces near the middle of the room, facing each other. Place a small coffee table in the middle to keep drinks within easy reach for everyone.

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7) Furniture Arrangement for Lounging

A sectional sofa provides flexible, comfortable seating for lounging and watching television. Sectional sofas come in a variety of different configurations, including ones that offer armless chairs, loveseats, ottomans, and chaise lounge sections that you can combine to suit your needs. The sofa here divides the larger space while providing cozy seating for several people at once.

Arranging the perfect furniture layout for your living room takes some planning. Make sure you consider how traffic flows through the space and where the room’s focal point is. Watch this video to learn more.

8) How to Place Furniture in a Living Room

Planning the ideal furniture arrangement requires careful consideration of the room. As you position the pieces, pay attention to how traffic flows through the room and where the focal point is. Learn more about how to arrange living room furniture in this video.

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9) Symmetrical Living Room Layouts

You don’t need to worry if your sofa and chair sets aren’t exactly alike. As long as they’re similar enough, you can still create symmetry in your living room by placing them next to one another.

10) Focus on the View

A good living room arrangement starts with an eye-catching centerpiece, which serves as the foundation of your decorating scheme. Usually, a fireplace plays this part, as in this bright living area. Arrange the furniture around the focal point according to how you plan to use the room. In the warmer months, the room can be arranged so the outside view through the French doors takes center place.

11) Open Living Room Layout Ideas

An open-concept living room has several different activities going on at once, so you need furniture arrangements to separate them out. In this arrangement, a console table and chairs provide a place for casual meals or game playing; a couch and chairs form a conversation zone near the fireplace, and a coffee table separates the two groups by creating a barrier between the dining area and the lounge.

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12) Divide a living room

You don’t need to divide your living and dining spaces by placing furniture in different locations. Instead, arrange your furniture so that they’re close enough to each other to create a cozy atmosphere.

13) Layout ideas for small spaces

Choose a set of chairs instead of sofas or loveseats when decorating a small living room. Choose a collection of chairs that suit the size of the room, while stools replace bulky ottomans.

14) Layout Ideas for L-Shaped Living Room

Arrange a sofa and a loveseat around a large coffee table. Place an end table or a table lamp in the corner where the two chairs meet. One chair can be placed next to the conversation.

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15) Diagonal Living Room Design Ideas

The diagonal furniture arrangement helps create a sense of space by giving the room more dimension. Use the sofa and the coffee table to establish the central diagonal axis. Place additional seating along the same diagonal axis. Align the area rug with the focal point wall.

16) Living Room Layout Ideas for Chairs

Four comfortable chairs can be used instead if you don’t have space to fit a sofa or love seat. Lay down an area rug and place one chair in each corner. It looks nice when arranged in this way because it makes the room seem organized.

17) Furniture Arranging for TVs and Fireplaces

You don’t necessarily need to place a TV facing a fireplace; there are plenty of ways to arrange them side by side. However, if you’re stuck between where to put each piece of furniture, consider maximizing your enjoyment of both with some clever living room layout ideas.

18) Cozy living room layout ideas for small spaces

When arranging living room furniture, consider your house’s architecture. For instance, an expanse of south-facing windows makes a sunny, welcoming place for a sitting area. Two chairs with a stool convert this well-lit corner into a cozy spot where two people can sit together.

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19) Window design ideas for living room

Create a cozy nook for two by placing a couple of comfy chairs near a window. Also, provide a lamp table and a place to sit down. If possible, arrange the seating within the pop-out section to separate it from the rest of the space.

20) Living Room Layout Ideas for a Fireplace

To create an inviting space for entertaining guests, flank each side with seating and place a large coffee table between them. Leave one side open to allow entry into the seating area.

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