3 Essential Design Concepts New Casino Sites Must Adopt

As online gambling continues to boom, certain elements of the business are coming in for criticism by governments, groups and individuals.

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In Britain, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) recently ordered an overhaul of the laws surrounding casino game design. With a deep impact on some of the core components of the casino game business, sites everywhere have had to reshuffle their operation.

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In this article, we will take a peek at 3 essential design concepts new casino sites must adopt. From the curbs on spin speed to the tightening of reverse withdrawals, we will look at the ways in which the new protocols will change how the industry goes about its business. Once you have taken a look at this, take a look at some of the latest new casino websites to see the protocols in action.

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at how this recent news came about and what exactly it means for the future of casino game design.

The future of casino game design

The UKGC has made it known that all casino games made in and serving the people of the United Kingdom will now need to follow fresh rules beginning October 2021. This is not an unexpected announcement and comes off the back of a wholesale tightening of restrictions in recent times.

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So, what do the new rules stipulate? Revolving around protecting players, the measures say that it will be necessary for sites to put limits on spin speeds. Furthermore, there is set to be a full ban on any elements that boost the speed of play or disguise negative outcomes as positive.

The decision to impose these restrictions has been made, say the UKGC, in order to remove those issues that add to players sensing a loss of control over the outcome. This means both spin rates of over two and a half seconds in addition to any autoplay elements that can lead to a casino game getting out of control. The UKGC also says that all elements which suggest a player has won something when, in fact, they have lost money, need redesigning.

Finally, the UKGC has implemented a ban of reverse withdrawals with additional directives that software developers must show players a clear tally of their total losses and wins as well as the time elapsed during play for any games available in the UK.

How might the law change impact the online gambling industry?

Whilst plenty say that the fresh rules could be negative news for online gambling sites, many in the industry look to have ushered in the changes with open arms.

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The industry response has largely been one of positivity. Indeed, the best casino game creators insist that the new regulations will not impact them as their games do not use speed or illusion to influence players.

Without a doubt, the addition of these new design rules will help protect gamers to a greater degree. As the word around online gambling spread and online casinos grow as a result,  further shifts to design requirements and other elements are roundly expected at regular intervals in the near future.

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