3 Must-Have Home Furnishing Trends for 2013

Whether it’s fashion trends, music, culture, or interiors; it’s clear that particular trends really do go out, as quickly as they have come in the previous year.
This rule is particularly accurate when applied to interior trends as the minute you buy an on-trend piece of furniture; you may become aware that this piece of furniture is no longer fashionable or seen as a contemporary piece to keep within a modern home.
But how can this dilemma be solved? How can we ensure that we are buying into trends and items that are going to provide us with great value for money, for long periods of time? Simple; we stay up to date with the latest styles and incorporate them into our existing décor to enhance the room, rather than overhaul it.
Here are some of the top home furnishing trends for 2013 for you to consider:

Pastel Colours

As we are heading into the spring summer season, you may be thinking of ways to update and refresh your home’s colour scheme. Using pastel colours is the perfect way to experiment with colour as these paler shades will match with any furniture you choose, whilst they will also brighten up any room and make smaller rooms appear larger in some cases.
If you go for a pastel shade why not consider investing in some mahogany furniture which will look great as a contrast? In the winter months, you can always paint over the pastel for a more suitable autumnal shade, to save buying new furniture.


Photo © Mark Lohman


Photo © Matthew Millman; Jute Interior Design

Retro Patterns

If your house is in need of a face lift and a little ‘wow’ factor, why not go for a daring printed wallpaper? Retro patterns and prints can look very effective when used with the right furniture, so maybe contrast the busy wallpaper with some subtle oak furniture- or perhaps go for a plain white finish?
When you add a statement print to a room, there’s always the risk that it may look outdated over a long period of time. However, if you’re feeling adventurous and you like to push the boundaries, a retro print will add an interesting touch to any room.


Photo © Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Metals & Marble

When buying into furniture trends you may only think about wooden furniture such as oak, but why not consider adding simple statement pieces with materials such as brass or marble?
For instance, a marble, glass, or metal coffee table will not only help to update a room, but will also feature as an interesting centrepiece. Pile your chosen table with large and colourful books, or your favourite magazines, to create a personal and unique touch.
Each year, trends will change dramatically from one season to the next, so make sure you invest in versatile and adaptable pieces of furniture that will work well with any trend.
This article was written by AHF.co.uk; one of the leading furniture specialists that will help you to find good quality and on-trend furniture.


Photo © Gosto design & lifestyle



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