3 Way to Decorate Your Walls without Any Touch of Paint

Wall painting always jumps into our mind whenever we think about home renovation and décor. We start scrolling down our Pinterest board, browse décor websites and visit paint shops to get inspiration for painting our walls. Should I go with simplicity is the best policy, or follow the rule of extravaganza? The minimal color palette will be the best, or bright colors are in trend? And what about experimenting with miss-match antics? These are some of the things that cross your mind while deciding about the color palette for your walls.

But what if I ask you to minus wall painting altogether from your home renovation? Yes, you heard it right! I am asking you to skip painting, but no, I am not asking you to ditch wall décor. This time transform your space with some innovative ways that also doesn’t require you getting drenched in the paint from head to toe, or going through the headache of saving your furniture from getting splashed. Here are some ways that you will simply love:

Pull Some Fabric:

Tapestry décor has come back in the fashion game, and tradition lovers and innovation seekers are loving it equally. And why not? Tapestries decorate the wall with colors, art, and design in one go. Yes, tapestries have come out of the old period movies and are confidently settling on walls of modern homes because they look great. They give artful, traditional, luxurious and vibrant feel to the wall which isn’t possible with simple paint. Try them out to have some royal vibes!

Mural Designs:

The mural is another way that can change the outlook of the whole wall without a tint of paint. Mural comes in so many designs, from scenery and abstract shapes to quirky images, you can choose them as per your taste and vibes you want to pull. The best thing is that murals from Muraledesign are so easy to install and take off. You don’t have to undergo any kind of hassle to get a desirable living space that triggers your aesthetics.

Magnetic Tiles:

Magnetic tiles are not anything like bathroom wall tiles or floor tiles. They are woodenly carved and beautiful patterned tiles that you can use to cover your wall for a distinct touch. They are not only super easy to install but are also sustainable. But that’s not the only thingS that make them special. The fact that not many people know about them also makes these walls a ‘must-have’. Significantly, they are the best for people who love to be trendsetters and innovation seekers. So, get ready to enjoy the amused faces of the guests which are sure to appear once they will see these tiles.So, now you know that wall painting is not the only way to make your home desirable, and walls admirable. This renovation season, forget about painting and look for something different to decorate your walls. Believe me: you will love it for sure!

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