4 Simple Tips to Help Homeowners Increase Life-span of Furnace

Your home’s heating system operates 24×7 every winter.

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But, it won’t be able to endure that forever without servicing or maintenance. Usually, an average furnace lasts for 18-20 years. However, HVAC experts in Sumter opine that the number can decrease or increase, depending on how it’s being taken care of. 

Upgrading a malfunctioning home heating system is not ideal in the winter season. That’s because Sumter’s winter days have an average daily high temperature of 42-59°F. Occasionally, temperatures can even drop below 23°F on certain days. 

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Therefore, it is critical to repair or replace the HVAC system before it ultimately gives up. 

However, those with a new model installed in their homes should try following some HVAC-experts-recommended suggestions that might help extend the lifespan. This article is all about it.

  1. Never Skip Seasonal Maintenance Dates

Furnaces are not demanding or power-hungry until users keep tuning them up after every fall season. Regular preventive maintenance has always proved beneficial when it comes to extending the heating system’s lifespan. 

Hire a professional HVAC company to have their experts inspect and determine if the heater has any issues. Also, remember that a clean heater is always going to save you money by avoiding serious problems. Besides, it will ensure that indoor air quality is not compromised for everyone’s sake.

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  1. Don’t Avoid/Postpone Repair Sessions

Sometimes, during the maintenance, technicians suggest potential repairs to the heating system that might increase longevity. What’s wise is to listen to that and arrange the repair work as soon as possible. 

Regardless of whether the repair is just for a bad belt or a clogged condensate line, postponing it might lead to additional problems. Therefore, if you want the heating system to last long, never postpone or avoid HVAC-expert-suggested repair works.

  1. Replace Furnace Filters Regularly

No doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the home heater lasts long. The filter plays an active role in filtering out dirt, fur, hair, and other elements from entering the blower fan of the heater. When it becomes clogged, it blocks the free flow of air to the blower fan. 

This scenario will result in overheating as the furnace will have to work more. In the aftermath, it will not just reduce the lifespan of the machine but also significantly increase monthly energy consumption. Just changing the filters periodically will help users avoid this situation.

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  1. Increase Energy-Efficiency of Home

Making your house energy-efficient will automatically shed loads from the HVAC system. If your home has plenty of leaks and holes here and there, it will need the furnace to work more to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. That means excessive stress will be on the machine’s motor, which isn’t a good sign for longevity.

The best approach homeowners can take is to make their houses insulated. In that way, hot air inside will not be able to escape, and hence, the heater won’t have extra stress to heat the interior on a cold night in Sumter.

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Wrapping Up

Sumter is a beautiful city located in South Carolina. Apart from being the battle site for the American Civil War, the place is also famous for its chilly weather in winter. It is wise to call the HVAC experts in Sumter to ensure that your home stays winter-ready. Professional services will also ensure that the energy bills stay on the lower side.


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