5 advantages of owning an aluminium front door

Choosing a new door for your home is quite a big issue; it is one of the first things your visitors and neighbours will see, and it is something you are going to open and close every day.

There are also a range of styles and materials to choose from, making the situation even more complex. Thankfully, this article highlights the top 5 advantages of owning an aluminium front door and why this should be your choice for your next front door.

  1. High thermal insulation

Aluminium doors have higher thermal insulation, meaning you can save money on your energy bills!

Yes, you heard that correctly, they allow for optimal levels of insulation to be achieved all year round due to the method of manufacturing. The door leaves are placed on the glazing and the leaf profile is reinforced with carbon glass fibre, which helps to keep out draughts by preventing thermal bridges and maintaining the warmth of your home.

Those who like plenty of daylight to come into their home, but don’t want to compromise on insulation can opt for a glass front door with an aluminium profile – which offers a welcoming entrance and delivers on insulation.

  1. High security

Everyone wants to feel safe in the comfort of their own home, and an aluminium front door allows you to do just that. They are tough, sturdy and are usually manufactured with multiple-point locking which helps protect against forced entry.

To put your mind at ease even further, reputable aluminium door providers will provide the option of break in resistant RC equipment to give you even more security. This, combined with 8mm think laminated safety glass (if you opt for a window aluminium door), will make forced entry near impossible. In case of an attempted breakage, the glass splinters also remain on the plastic film, preventing hazardous injuries

  1. High acoustic insulation

Superior to plastic and timber doors, aluminium doors deliver acoustic insulation when you need it most. The thick insulation and laminated glass help to keep noises at bay, which is very useful if you live on a busy main road with high volumes of traffic. Keeping out loud exterior noises means you can enjoy a more peaceful home experience with your family and friends.

  1. High stability

Aluminium front doors from reputable companies use their expertise to create unique products which undergo endurance tests in real-life conditions, so you can be assured of a durable and stable aluminium front door. Most come with a 5 year guarantee, and in some instances come with a 10 year guarantee – so you know they will last and are made with quality.

  1. Stylish

Modern style dictates that aluminium doors are fashionable. Their durability means that they look new for years, and the contemporary design offers a stylish entrance which will impress your family and guests.

Glaze finishes and colour options are available, allowing you to personalise your front door to your requirements. Side elements and transom lights can also make your aluminium door unique – so don’t be surprised if your neighbours start asking where you got your new front door from!


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