5 Changes to Make to Your Home Before Bringing a New Baby Inside

A new baby is a wonderful, exciting time in your life. Before you bring home the newest family member, you need to get your house ready. Issues like allergens and choking hazards make the typical home unfit for a newborn. Be sure you’re ready to keep your baby safe at home long before the new baby is born and home from the hospital because you’ll have little time to do it when the baby arrives.

Remove Allergens

Babies have very sensitive immune systems, which means you need to get rid of allergens before you bring your new baby home. Any household plants that produce pollen need to go. Vacuum with a HEPA filter to rid your home of dust. Scour the bathroom to remove any mold or mildew. Use only environmentally friendly products without any harmful chemicals while cleaning.

Clean the Bedding

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You’ve bought lots of new bedding for the baby, including mattress pads, blankets, and pillows. All of that needs to go in the wash with baby-friendly soap before you snuggle the new little one down to sleep. Get several sets of everything, so you can change it often and keep it clean of dust mites. If you’re using any bedding you already have at home, make sure it gets thoroughly washed and dried.

Install an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a great way to improve your IAQ beyond what your HVAC filter is capable of. Install one that uses a HEPA filter or a carbon filter for better air within the house. It will trap harmful particulates, including bacteria and mold spores, and clean the air your baby breathes. You can use a purifier in the baby’s room, or get your HVAC company to install one for the house.

Create a Changing Station

Diaper changing can quickly become a dirty, hazardous chore if you’re not careful. Create a station with baby wipes, towels, diapers, and a handy covered trash can before the baby comes home. Keeping everything to do with diapers in one spot ensures bacteria does not get in the rest of the house as a result.

Remove Breakables and Sharp Objects

Before you know it, that new baby will be starting to crawl, and you won’t have time to baby-proof the house after the baby comes home. Put anything breakable away, either in closets or up on high shelves. All sharp corners need to be smoothed or capped, and outlets need to be covered. Keep cords wrapped together and off the floor, and eliminate any trinkets that could become choking hazards.

Though babies grow into adventurous toddlers and kids who always seem to be getting into scrapes, they’re delicate when they first come home. It’s up to you to remove both the visible hazards, like sharp objects and the invisible ones, like allergens, from your home. You won’t always be able to protect your children, but you can protect your newborn. Start preparing months in advance so you can take care of everything.

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