5 Craft Supplies You Need to Use Your Time Creatively During Vacation

Vacations are undoubtedly great. You get a lot of free time you can spend however you want. But that can soon turn into a problem when you run out of ideas. When you reach that tipping point, you can turn to arts and crafts. The domain is vast, with endless possibilities. And it can also make you more creative as a person.

To get started with crafts, you need to stock up on craft supplies. In this article, consider purchasing must-have craft supplies from platforms like craftonline.com.au to use during your vacation. 

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Paper and Scrapbooks

Paper serves as the foundation upon which you can showcase your inner artist. Unless you’re interested in figurine crafts, you should get paper to get started with arts and crafts during vacation.

There are different types of paper to choose from. There are single sheets and paper packs, which are an ideal option for beginners. Then, there is plain coloured cardstock. These are comparatively thicker and more durable but also tend to be more expensive than regular paper.

If you’re planning for the long term, you may buy a scrapbook instead. Scrapbooks will conserve your memories for decades to come. Maintaining a scrapbook also helps you stay engaged and happy during your vacation. And when the holidays are over, you can look back at the scrapbook and travel back in time to your vacation days.

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Pens and Markers

Next, you’d need pens and markers. Along with paper, these lay the foundation for papercrafts. You’ll primarily use them for sketching purposes, but applications vary widely.

Ideally, you should have varying colours of pens at your disposal. The must-have colours are black, red, green, blue, and yellow.

Along with pens, you should get markers and pencils. These will be secondary sketching tools. Markers and pencils are also available in varying colours, and you should get multiple colours.

Paint Supplies

Coloured pens and pencils aren’t the only supplies that will make your art colourful. Paint can also add colour to your crafts. Ink pads are the most common and essential paint supplies.

Alcohol inks are great for painting and card making. What stands out about these paints is the brightness. Once applied, the ink looks vibrant. Contrary to the name, these inks aren’t harmful. They are acid-free and highly pigmented. You can also purchase archival ink that resists weathering and fading.

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If you’re specifically into painting, consider buying a paint set. These sets make painting and brushing easy.


Another category of craft supplies that is a must is embellishments. This category includes stickers, stencils, boxes, artificial flowers, glitters, icons, and anything that enhances the art.

If you’re maintaining a scrapbook, then get a variety and decent amount of stickers. There are 3D stickers, express yourself stickers, and thicker stickers to make your scrapbook experience fun and memorable.

Metal embellishments are another excellent option to include in your shopping cart. The antique metal strips will draw different inspiration messages and adorn your artwork. Likewise, there are metal coins and adornments that you can play around with. They don’t cost much either.

Flower embellishments help you decorate your craftwork. The awe-inspiring paper flowers are reusable and perfect for paper crafting projects.

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Brads and Eyelets

The final craft supply categories you should get for your vacation are brads and eyelets. Brads have a decorative top and two-prong fasteners. You can utilise them for card-making or in your scrapbook project. These serve as the moving elements for your papercrafts.

When selecting these craft supplies, you should emphasise quality over quantity. Otherwise, your crafts will be below par. Also, make sure you’re purchasing from a reputed vendor. Review their website and inspect product quality before placing your orders. 

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