5 Free and Useful Android Apps for Interior Designers

Hopefully there are some Android users among my readers, because Google does offer some awesome applications made especially for you that can definitely make your work easier and let you do your job on the go without the need of a computer or laptop. I made a list of 5 Android Apps that can really prove to be very useful in some situations.

1. AutoCAD WS

The Android version of the well known computer software is much more simple than it and it definitely lacks a lot of features, but it does exactly what you need to get done on a smartphone. With AutoCAD WS you can view, edit and even share DWG files directly from your Android device with whoever you want. You can share your files via email, Bluetooth, WiFi and any other sharing application your might have.

The application can open files directly from your email attachments, can sync your files and directly upload your drawings. You will not be able to do any complex design with it, but it does its job.

Get AutoCAD WS.

2. Design Dimensions

Is there an interior designer who doesn’t need illustrated items with precise dimensions and information ? I believe not, so everyone needs Design Dimension. An application with a really helpful database of thousands of design you can pick from. Along with these, the Android app is also very easy to use, so it’s a must for you.

Get Design Dimensions.

3. Color Picker

Color Picker does exactly what it says. Just take a photo with your Android smartphone, touch a point of the image and the app will tell you the Hex Code, RAL System code, RGB and RAL System name of that color. I don’t believe there’s anything more you can desire from this application, is it ?

Get Color Picker.

4. D-Measures Free

Need to show someone or save for yourself an image with added dimensions to its objects ? Then D-Measures Free is definitely what you need. Take a photo or get it from wherever you want and the free Android app allows you to add dimensions to all the objects in it. Afterwards you can save the edited image or share it through your favorite sharing methods.

Get D-Measures Free.

5. IKEA Catalogue

A huge database of the IKEA store with over 2,000 products to choose from along with 4,000 images. Now you don’t need to drive to the IKEA to see if they have what you need and you also don’t have to carry a huge catalogue with you.

Get IKEA Catalogue.

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