5 great design ideas for small bathrooms

With modern homes decreasing in size, lack of space can be a real issue for many, many people, not least when it comes to bathroom design. A rise in urban living, especially for young professionals, and the popularity of ensuites, means the dimensions of a typical master bathroom continue to shrink.

With changing times comes changing attitudes to a room that was, for most of its history, purely functional. Nowadays, the humble bathroom isn’t just a space in which we wash and answer the call of nature—no, it’s now a place in which we rest, relax and recuperate, away from the stresses and strains that our busy lives can bring.

So, it’s no surprise that many of us are on the lookout for inspiring small bathroom ideas, to turn a compact space into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In this blog article, we’ve come up with 5 big ideas to make the most out of your small bathroom.

  1. Use your undersink area

A simple trick that many people ignore or aren’t aware of, is to use the space beneath your bathroom sink for storage. In a large number of bathrooms, you will simply discover a pedestal sink, which, whilst fine for a large bathroom, doesn’t use space efficiently in a compact space. Try adding a vanity unit—choose either a floorstanding or wall hung model—which comes complete with an integrated sink. This will usually have doors or drawers which provide the perfect place for all those bathroom essentials, keeping your surfaces free from clutter.

  1. Make use of your corners

The corners of your bathroom can often present a real design challenge. In most cases, they will be left bare, creating dead space which could actually be put to good use. With an increased demand for space-saving products, designers have come up with a range of corner-fitting toilets, basins and furniture which are ideal for utilising the corners of your bathroom. If you can use your corners, it will free up space along the sides of your room.

  1. Think creatively about your bathroom space

With the average UK house size the lowest it has been in 90 years, it’s important to think “outside of the box” when it comes to your bathroom. Whilst it may be nice to have an ensuite bathroom, would it make more sense to knock through into your master bathroom to create a larger family bathroom? If your tiny box room is being used for storage at the moment, could it be put to better use as a shower room? How about extending upwards or outwards? Or even using your understairs cupboard as a downstairs cloakroom? If you hire a good tradesperson, they should be able to show you exactly what is possible.

  1. Think about door openings

Door openings can cause headaches when designing a small bathroom, so it pays to think about the type of doors and products you use. If you’re looking to squeeze a shower enclosure into your floorplan, consider bifold doors which concertina inwards, rather than a hinged door which swings outwards. By the same token, be mindful of the clearance space required when fitting your toilet near a door. Look out for short projection toilet pans which make best use of your layout.

  1. Don’t be restricted to a certain style

Just because you’re designing a small bathroom, shouldn’t mean ruling out your favourite interior style. Whilst many of us might be tempted to squeeze some fairly bland and functional furniture into your bathroom, you can still discover designer products which fit with your perfect theme. Take traditional style for example. The Bath Co. offers a fabulous range of vintage-inspired bathroom suites with modern space-saving designs—perfect if you love that classical look.

Small bathrooms may require some big thinking, but with a bit of imagination and some innovative products, you can create a relaxing space which you’ll love spending time in.


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