5 Spring Decorating Ideas To Freshen Up Your Living Room

After a long, dull winter, everyone could use a little spring. With trees, bushes, and flowers blooming, the outdoors is a wonderland of color.  

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Why not take inspiration from this season of renewal and incorporate it into your living room? These five spring decorating ideas can liven up your space with a cheerful, perky vibe.

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Come Alive With Nature

The obvious addition to your living room decor that packs a colorful punch is an arrangement of fresh flowers or green plants. Not only do flowers and plants give your room a pop of color, but they also add a breath of spring that unites the interior and exterior of your home. If your thumb is less than green, you may want to invest in fake plants; their quality may vary, so be vigilant to find realistic faux ones. Better yet, create an accent wall in your living room with peel and stick wallpaper in a vibrant floral or tropical pattern to incorporate nature on a grander scale.

Bring in Bursts of Color

The interior trend for the last few years has focused on neutral tones for a timeless look that works for any style from traditional to minimal. In the spring, however, you may need a bit of a change, and the perfect way to get it is with color. This time of year may make you think of pastels, and they pair well with most neutrals. For example, light pink wallpaper can introduce a subtle spot of color in your living room, either as an accent wall or an all-over refresh.

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Switch Out Your Accents

After a long winter of staring at the same décor, you may be ready for something different to draw you in and make your living space feel cozy. Why not put away fleecy, heavy throws and textured pillows for lighter colors and materials? Take advantage of a collection or other fixtures you already have and display them in a new way. Better yet, rearrange your furniture to make your room look completely different without starting from scratch.

Look at the Walls

Have you had the same artwork hanging in the same places for longer than you care to admit? Take a page from nature’s springtime book by changing your artwork or prints. This year is all about abstract acrylic framed art and line drawings, but art is in the eye of the beholder, so you can always buck the trend and find works that appeal to you. Artwork is another area where you can bring in natural elements, such as floral prints or coastal landscapes.

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Turn to the Light

Take advantage of the longer days and bright sunshine by letting in as much natural light as your living room allows. If you have heavy or dramatic curtains, lighten it up with shears to let in the light. Include window washing as part of your spring cleaning, and you have added ambient lighting without much effort.

Hopefully, these suggestions for spring decorating have you feeling creative and motivated. Look through magazines or online for more ideas to revamp and energize your living space this spring. 

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