5 Storage Hacks With Wire Baskets For Small Spaces

Arranging a home or any workspace can be a herculean task, especially if space is at a premium. Organization within the home requires being deliberate and it’s easy to make your tiny room appear bigger. 

Moreover, storing things properly to create larger spaces indoor should be of paramount importance. 

Various storage hacks can be applied to create more space in a home or office. Wire baskets are inexpensive organization tools that will blend seamlessly with any home décor style.  

These baskets are used for the practical and stylish storage of laundry, magazines, books, toys, and so many other things. They can be put on shelves, hanged on a wall, or displayed on a desk. Apart from their storage aspect, they are very good for house decoration.  

They bring out the beauty of a space, alongside adding texture. Here are the best ways to use them:

  • Book placement

Perhaps you keep notebooks, journals, and magazines for various purposes; wire basket is a very good option for storage. You can use it anyway to suit your taste and desire.  

Having different baskets for organizing books is ideal, as there will be a show of class and beauty in your space. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a shelf for your books. 

  • Toiletries rack

Another way to use these baskets is as a toiletries rack. Your small bathroom and toilet can look so inviting with the use of a wire basket. It helps to organize and maximize space, making toiletry items look befitting. Moreover, it can add texture to your bathroom or toilet.

  • Floral decoration

Flowers are inviting on their own. They can be extra inviting when placed in a wire basket which will showcase their beauty than just an ordinary flower vase. It portrays unique awesomeness in its organization and display.

  • Kitchen use

Wire baskets are so important for use in the kitchen. There are lots of ways to use them in this part of the home. For instance, they can come in handy to hold your fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables will retain their freshness for some time in the baskets. 

Apart from that, you can use them to keep utensils such as ladles, chopping boards, among others. Keeping your cleaning materials in a wire basket in the kitchen will save a lot of space. These baskets help to keep things tidy, yet making them easily available.

  1. Closet

Introducing wire baskets into your closet will make it more organized and beautiful. You can use different ones for each cloth category. Also, your clothing will be easier to sort and return after the laundry.

The baskets will come to your rescue if your nursery is always messy. Consider storing your kids’ diapers, stuffed animals, sports gear, and the likes inside them to minimize clutter.

These are just a few ways to maximize wire baskets. These multi-functional baskets are of immense value and their flexibility can’t be underemphasized. It’s high time to give them a try.


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