5 ways Blue is coming back to home design

Blue is becoming the popular choice for home decor as it is the colour that sits well in any room in the home.

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Your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen might be due for the splash of blue as the versatility of the shade and its ability to bring in a sense of calm, cool and serene vibes, makes it a great choice for homes.

Here are our top 5 ways on how you can incorporate blue hues into your next home project.

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The easiest way to bring in some colour is by painting the walls. Whether you decide to opt for a feature wall or all-over-the-room colour, the colour blue is guaranteed to bring something new to the room.

Go Bold And Go Home

For those looking to create a significant impact or want to create a bold vibe, Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue shade is the best option. Described as a deep dark blue that is inspired by Dutch woodwork, the hue is special as it can look different in various lighting, leaning towards a dark green or rich blue. Best of all, the colour has been used on walls but also on doors, skirtings and as an accent wall, which demonstrates its versatility.

Simple And Subtle

For an all-over colour that isn’t too invasive or trend-led, Lick’s Blue 02 paint is perfect. Bringing fresh, clean mint-blue vibes, the shade is a great alternative to neutral greys or creams. We feel this light blue shade would brighten up any hallway, lounge or kitchen, creating a light and bright aura in the home.

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Cosy Curtains

If you have a busy room, you’d want to keep the curtains quite plain and simple. The Panama Navy curtains are a great choice as the dark blue shade will not distract from the other elements in the existing room and are a beautiful neutral colour. Another option would be the Velvet Royal Blue curtains, which will bring a rich vibe through its material and shade.

For those who would like to add some interest through their curtains, there are a variety of prints and patterns to choose from. The Shoreditch Denim curtains are a lovely choice for living rooms, whilst our Alpaca Indigo Blue curtains are perfect for the playroom or children’s bedroom.

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Staple Blinds

If blinds are your preference, that’s absolutely fine! We stock plenty of blinds to suit various requirements.

It’s essential that bathroom blinds are made from waterproof fabric so they last longer and our Quackers PVC Blackout blinds are a fun choice to opt for! Likewise, the Splash Azure Blue blinds are suitable for humid environments and are block-coloured for those who prefer classic, simple decor.

For a splash of colour in living rooms or bedrooms, look no further than the Atlantex Dark Blue vertical blinds. They are suited best for spaces where you can control light and privacy due to their design. There are also stunning choices in our blue roman blind collection if you are looking for something in a different fabric and style.

Blue kitchens have been an iconic look to a rustic home, especially in the shaker style. However, the trend is moving towards more modern styles and designs, which is great as it is adaptable to many styles.

House Beautiful has compiled the best blue kitchen designs and styles – why not have a browse and get inspired?

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If you don’t want to switch up your existing neutral decor, it’s easy to accessorise the room with blue decor pieces, plus more convenient and cost-effective too. Whether you opt for rich blue velvet pillows, a shaggy rug or canvas paintings in multiple hues of blue, the new additions will definitely bring a new lease of life to your home.

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Lucky for you, blue is a versatile shade as it works well with several other shades so you can decorate your home tastefully with various combinations. Yellow and mustard are popular options, especially for living rooms and spaces. For more muted colour combinations, teal is a lovely choice as it is close to the blue family but adds a touch of vibrancy. Pink is another bold option if you are looking for something artsy and unique.

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