5 Ways You Can Alter Your Home to Make it Teen Friendly

As your beloved little ones slowly evolve into their adolescent years, you will be experiencing a lot of their changes alongside them.

With everything that the teen years bring with them, you will want to make some alterations to your home so that your teens want to spend as much time under your roof as possible.

Here are a few ways to make your home suited for teens:

1) Make Space for Activities

It’s quite likely that your kids won’t want to spend much time with you watching television anymore. Don’t be surprised if you just see them at dinner time before they run to their rooms for the night.

Creating a space keeps them out of your hair. It will keep them entertained and should hopefully encourage them to do more than stare at their phone. Get a speaker system with Bluetooth pairing, a pool table, books, and a streaming service to keep them stimulated and occupied. 

2) Soundproof Windows

Teenagers can be noisy! Whether it’s blasting music you can’t stand, forming bands, or having loads of their friends over, there’ll be disruption.

Getting some windows soundproofed will help the other residents in the house get peace and quiet when they need it. There are several ways to do this and soundproofing doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult or expensive. 

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3) Create a Snack Station 

Teenagers tend to eat and drink junk. They begin to make more decisions over what they buy and that can affect their diet. It’s liberating for them to be able to do this, yet you want to discourage them from getting into bad habits.

Set up a little station in your kitchen with grab-and-go snacks and drinks. You could have fruit salad bowls, protein and veg packed sandwich squares, and granola bars. A pitcher of low sugar juice or water with fresh lemon wouldn’t go amiss when they get in from school ready for some refreshments. 

4) Keep it School Smart 

Your child’s teen years is when school becomes serious. It is a stereotype, but teenagers can be a bit messy and nonchalant when it comes to organization skills. 

Get a cabinet and a desk so school books, papers, and stationery can all be in one spot. Try and get them into the routine of putting important work there so it doesn’t get lost. It will also provide a useful space where they can sit down and focus on work, as opposed to doing it on their bed! 

5) Sort the Added Extras 

The previous points cover some of the most important aspects of their life as they grow up. However, there are some added extras you’ll want to consider sorting to make your home teenage friendly. 

Bottom Line

There’s no need to be terrified of the teen years, especially if you take the right steps towards making your home more accustomed to their ever-changing lifestyles. Focus on modifying your home with these subtle touches to keep your teenagers on their best behavior while at home.

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