6 Bedroom Decor Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Ability to Sleep

Have you had trouble sleeping since you redecorated your bedroom? It may not be because you don’t know how you’re going to pay for it.

You made amazing decorative decisions that basically created a brand new bedroom. So why can’t you sleep in this room?

Ask yourself if any of these things could be the problem.

1. A New TV

Is this the first time you’ve ever had a TV in your bedroom? It may seem like an intimate way to watch your favourite show with your favourite person in bed. However, it may be hurting your body’s ability to sleep naturally.

There is plenty of research that proves that the blue light from your screens before bedtime can throw off your body’s natural melatonin levels, which makes it harder to fall asleep. Bringing your device into bed also tempts you to watch “just one more” video or episode before you (try to) go to sleep.

2. The Wall Colour

It’s entirely possible that the bold colour that you painstakingly chose for your walls is keeping you up at night.

Did you choose a bright shade of red? Red has been known to speed up our hearts, or encourage our bodies to move faster. Or maybe you went with a cool shade of purple. While purple is not as aggressive as red, people with purple bedrooms have been known to have more vivid nightmares.

We certainly hope this doesn’t mean that you now have to repaint the entire bedroom and rethink the whole colour scheme. However, a good night’s sleep needs to take top priority over everything.

3. The Bed

Did you update everything in the room, but keep the same old mattress? If you’ve had it for more than eight years, you should probably get a new mattress.

Don’t worry! This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can save a lot of money by buying your new memory foam mattress online directly from the manufacturer. This means you can take the money you saved and put it towards other decorative touches in the room.

4. The Lighting

You want a bright and inviting bedroom during the day. However, too much light is a bad thing as you get close to bedtime.

You may have changed the light fixtures or the lamps in your bedroom. The room could be brighter because you’re now using a higher wattage of light bulbs. You may also have new shades that don’t defuse the light very well. 

In either case, there’s no need to throw everything out and start over. Simply install some dimmer switches so you can lower the light in the evening.

It’s also possible that you have more natural light coming into the bedroom. Your new drapes or blinds may not be blocking the sunlight adequately. You’re up at sunrise, whether you like it or not. Switching to some blackout blinds can keep the sun from waking you up too early.

5. The Symmetry

Symmetry is a core design principle. It’s also crucial in helping you feel relaxed in a space.

Asymmetric design can be used in a home office or a living room to create an interesting look. However, you want to avoid this in the bedroom. Make sure that your furniture, artwork and photos are evenly balanced throughout the room.

If something simply feels “off” in the bedroom, it’s usually because of a lack of symmetry in how things are arranged or placed.

6. The Smell

Is the problem a new Yankee Candle?

You want a relaxing smell in your bedroom. However, not everyone finds the same scents relaxing. You and your partner may have different opinions. The smell of fresh laundry may remind you of your summer cottage, but it may make other people think of a laundry mat.

Typically, the safest choices are:

But again, choose something that works for you. You may have to experiment with a few options before you find the most relaxing scent. Most importantly, don’t forget to blow out the candle before you drift off to sleep!

Always keep relaxation front and center when making your décor decisions. Try to focus on creating a sanctuary, not a showroom. Anything too showy or busy might look great during the day, but keep you up at night. Always choose sleep over style.

Shop wisely and you will sleep soundly!

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