6 Inspiring Garage Remodeling Ideas

Pondering about how to get some extra space around the home? Garage remodeling is an easy and cost-effective way to achieve this! Most individuals park out nowadays and use the garage to store junk they rarely use or don’t use anymore. Read on to know how to convert that garage into an extra space to use for needs at hand!

6 Inspiring garage remodeling ideas

1.Garage flexibility

Most garages are conveniently located next to homes if it’s attached. Individuals can prepare it to have proper lighting and heating system so they can use it. They can use it as an office, a playroom, a gym, a music or art studio, entertainment space or a club. 

Keep in mind that some of these uses (like bar, gym, office) will need additional projects like electricity, water line, electronics such as TV or computer, license, and others. Consult a professional for some garage remodeling ideas. 

2. New flooring

The garage flooring makes a big difference in terms of its uses and overall look. Most garages flooring are made of concrete: it can be kept that way if it’s in good condition. But if damaged or cracked, resurfacing or remodeling is needed. 

Besides, paint an attractive color to spice it is a great option. Epoxying the floor will get rid of staining as grease and oils stains will no longer be a threat. In addition, cars can be parked on foam floor mats to prevent damaging of the concrete floor and still reduce the remodeling cost. 

3. Walls painting

Pick a great wall color that matches with the floor after deciding on the perfect flooring. If the walls are concrete, installing new ones isn’t a huge hassle. This will allow any adding of insulation for complete customization. 

Insulation is important despite having a detached or attached garage. Uninsulated walls can affect energy bills because the regulating temperature will be a hassle if the garage allows cooled or heated air escape. Insulation should be done to every wall including the door!

4. Buying a garage ready refrigerator

Individuals can opt to install a refrigerator in their garages that are specifically designed for varying temperatures all around. Moreover, they can redefine the walls. Using products that organize the garage to the maximum provides extra space which can be used for other purposes. 

5. Garage lofting

By doing garage lofting parking can still be inside it while having other storages. These attic spaces can be used for extra space and turn the garage into a tremendously useful place. The lofted spaces can be used as an extra bedroom or living space by just furnishing the area. 

6. Garage window restoration

The garage can be void of natural light due to darkness. Working on a car in this kind of makeshift workshop isn’t great hence installing window is important. Garage windows will allow more lighting and air circulation in the entire garage. Besides, stuffiness in the garage will be minimized. 

Garage remodeling is much easier if priory planned. From painting walls, changing flooring to complete new garage customization. The above 6 Inspiring garage remodeling ideas are a great start!


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