6 Strange Facts About Vape You Didn’t Know

Modern vaping devices were first developed in 2003, but we got introduced to them in 2007.

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Since then, the industry has experienced exponential growth, primarily because it is advertised as a healthier alternative to smoking. Today, you find a sizable population taking to vaping for varied reasons like curiosity, quitting smoking, adopting a healthier option, or merely enjoying its fun and excitement. 

While many ride the trend, very few are knowledgeable about vaping. Here, we share six fascinating facts about vaping that are attention-garnering.

  1. The vaporizer history goes back to 1927 

The modern vaporizer was invented in 2003, but its history traces back to 1927, when American scientist Joseph Robinson first developed it. He invented a mechanical butane device to administer medical compounds easily. His request for a patent was approved and later published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  

It is the earliest documented vaporizer form that we know of. However, his device could not flourish because of a lack of funds and inadequate public response.  

  1. Vaping and smoking are not identical.
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Many look forward to a similar experience to smoking when vaping. But this is not true. It is because nothing burns in vaping as it does in smoking.  

While smoking, a person inhales the smoke created due to burning. But while vaping, a vapor is created due to the heating of an e-liquid. Vaping is healthier as it merely changes the state of an e-liquid to vapor, but smoking entails inhaling the smoke of a burned product, which would have more harmful chemicals. Due to this, you do not require any lighter for vaping as you need for smoking. Smoking gives you essentially a tobacco taste, but vape facilitates some of the best vape flavors like nude ejuice 120ml.

  1. Vapes are not the same as e-cigs.
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Today, most of us use the term vapes and e-cigs interchangeably. But they are not identical. Few differences are: 

E-cigs are recommended for all those who are looking forward to a smoking-like experience.   

  1.  E-juices have infinite and diverse tastes.  
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Smoking has a tobacco taste and can make you lose your taste buds and leave a foul smell in your breath. But vaping breaks all boundaries. There are almost infinite choices of flavors and tastes available to suit any palate. You can enjoy flavors of various categories like fruits, vegetables, desserts, candy, cereal, tobacco, beverage, menthol, and so on.  

What’s more, you can easily mix, blend and create your unique flavor. They do not damage your taste buds and never leave a bad smell or foul taste in your mouth.  

The greatest asset about vape juices is that it comes in both nicotine and nicotine-free varieties. You also get the flexibility to adjust the nicotine strength of your e-juice. Hence, you can enjoy vaping suited to your personal preferences. You can also quit smoking gradually as you can control and lower the nicotine strength gradually to make its craving go away over time. 

  1. Vaping has its downsides.

Unlike the common assumption, vaping is not entirely risk-free or without any downsides. Few essential things to know are: 

Traditional cigarettes have abundant toxins and harmful chemicals. In contrast, vaping has fewer chemicals and toxins. The vape juices are made of several ingredients like nicotine, vitamin E, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, etc. These are harmless as food but pose dangerous health issues when vaped. 

E-juices are the backbone of vaping but are not regulated by the FDA. They can have ingredients of which you would have no idea. The nicotine strength can also be sometimes higher than that of a cigarette. The lack of quality control also makes it possible for the list of ingredients and their concentration on the label to mismatch the actual content of the e-juice. For this reason, it is recommended to buy quality e-juices from reputable manufacturers that often provide third-party lab reports for authenticity.  

Vapes can also be addictive, like smoking. They have addictive nicotine. Tobacco is also getting introduced in e-juices that add to the addiction. Even e-juices claiming as no-nicotine would have some traces of nicotine and would gradually be addictive.  

Lack of quality control and the presence of toxic chemicals like nicotine can cause various lung diseases, including cancer if you vape for a prolonged period. Thus, it is best not to believe the myth that vaping is harmless and enjoy it judiciously. 

  1. A colorful and diverse vape culture has emerged.
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With an exponential increase in the popularity of vaping, a distinctive and colorful vape culture has emerged. It has evoked a sense of community that has paved the way to a whole new world. There are forums, local hot spots, travel destinations, games, etc., that are designed exclusively for vapers to come together and enjoy their passion and excitement together. Large gatherings of vapers called ‘vape meet’ are also getting increasingly popular.  

Final Words  

The world of vaping is fun and exciting. It is best enjoyed in moderation. We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of it through these interesting facts shared by us.

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