6 Top projects that add most value to a house

Your home is a place where you ought to find comfort, relaxation and safety, but it can become bland and stagnant with time. One way of freshening up the appearance of your home is by renovation. Renovation can also improve your home’s efficiency and functionality. It is key to incorporating a sense of modernity and sophistication into your property.

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But home renovation projects do not revolve around appearance alone. Quality home renovation can also enhance the value of your home! It is important to weigh your options carefully before starting a home renovation project so that you will enjoy value, enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Here are seven top projects that can add the most value to your property:

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Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home, but does yours feel devoid of life? Try renovating your kitchen! This will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and add vibrancy to the entire space. Ensure you use the right colours and finishes. An excellent kitchen renovation can boost your property resale value by 7-12%.

To align with your goals and spending plan, you can select between big to little modifications. You can do a big renovation if your kitchen layout feels outdated. This will help in space rearrangement, thus enhancing the functionality of your kitchen. You can also experiment with new styles, get the latest shelves, equipment and fittings with a total overhaul of your kitchen.

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Open shelves are very popular because they allow you to showcase your tableware and kitchen equipment in a simple manner. If you own this type of shelf, consider painting them in warm natural colours, which are sure to be trendy next year.

Surfaces and backsplashes are great methods to update your kitchen aesthetics without having to replace cabinets! Metallic accessories will be trendy this year, and they’ll be a terrific addition to your renovation project!

Composite deckinging

Having a composite decking area in your home will boost its value. Outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming popular in the United Kingdom, particularly now that it is fashionable to enjoy vacations at home. When you finally put your home up for sale, it will be more attractive to potential homebuyers if you improve your decking and outdoor spaces. According to real estate analysts, homeowners can enjoy 60% returns with a composite decking addition.

Composite decking addition might seem expensive. This depends on the number of extra features you want to include, such as built-in seats, staircases, built-in potted plants, and decking size.


Landscaping is a good way of improving your home exterior, especially during warm weather. There’s a big conversation around establishing an oasis in home gardens. With landscaping, you can create a hospitable space that will help you relax and spend time in. For instance, growing low maintenance plants and using natural wooden furnishings can create a pleasant retreat in your backyard. If you do not have a lot of space in your backyard, try container gardening, a fun and unique way of introducing plants to your small spaces.

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Refresh your door

Despite the fact that you use it daily, your front door may not properly be uncared-for. Upgrade your entry door to make a difference! This will enhance the curb appeal of your home, improving its value. Furthermore, upgrading your entry doors is an excellent way of improving the efficiency of your property. A well-installed door will keep your home warm and efficient.

Remodelling a Bathroom

Bathroom remodels, like the kitchen, can vary from simple adjustments to large upgrades to increase the value of your home. Inspect your space to identify where most improvements are required. The surroundings, faucets, vanity, and tiling are all frequent focal points for a profitable makeover.

However, if you do have nice fixtures, use them again! Then you may splurge on extra features, such as stylish bathroom panels or a high-end waterfall shower. Polishing your tub can save you hundreds of pounds and quickly pay for itself.

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Old Windows Should Be Replaced

A good way to make your home more energy efficient is by window replacement. It can also significantly raise the value of your property. Your home will be warmer in the cooler months and more comfortable in the summer if your windows are installed correctly and insulated.

Consider lattice windows with contemporary design elements such as casements if you are looking for a window that combines a classic aesthetic with sophistication.

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