7 Creative Handmade Lamps from LZF for a Spectacular Lighting Effect

If you’are looking for lamps to bring a touch of creativity and dynamism to your interior, then LZF Lamps could be a very good choice to consider. Today, we brought together 7 handmade lamps with appealing designs from their portofolio, lamps created by different designers. Here we choose some suspension as well as wall lamps which has a special beauty through their unique designs reminiscent of many natural forms: a flower, a buzzing fire-fly or perhaps an onion. It’s all about shape, repetition and geometry. They are produced handmade exclusively out of wood veneer, which has some interesting properties: creates a spectacular lighting effect, protects the internal beauty of the wood and radiates a warm, delicate, and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contract settings. Sumptuous curves engages to the eye and glows in various tones providing diffuses and decorative ambient illumination. The lamps features polyester finishes, Polywood®, which is a patented treatment gives the veneer the resistance necessary to be used in the flexible forms and also facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the veneer. The elegant silhouettes of LZF lamps are evidentiated by different colors, with brushed nickel canopy and hardware, which makes them perfect for both public or private interiors.


1. Agatha Suspension Light by the Luis Eslava Studio


2. Link Suspension Light by designer Ray Power


3.  Mini Mikado Wall Light by designer Miguel Herranz


4. Orbit Wall Light by designer Miguel Herranz

 5. Armadillo Suspension Light by Luis Eslava



 6. Onion Suspension Light by Bang Design

7. Mini Mikado Suspension Light by Miguel Herranz



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