7 Fabulous Interior Design Trends To Get Excited About This Spring

Everybody loves living in a beautiful home, but they always appreciate there is room for improvements in every department. It was recently discovered men would be willing to spend around $25,000 in order to carry out the work required to achieve their dream home, whereas women came in around $5,000 below them.

Nonetheless, both those figures are pretty high and it’s intriguing to know what people would do given the chance. If you look at the recent design trends it will give you a rough idea. If you’re looking to improve your home you might want to follow them too, so let’s look at what is hot right now.

Terracotta Will Replace White

White isn’t going away completely, but it’s definitely losing some of its charm. The color has been hugely popular recently because it makes rooms look modern and classy, but people want the warm and rustic look back.

A perfect example will be terracotta tiles replacing white ones, but they’ll have more of a natural matte finish. They will be especially popular on kitchen walls although they’ll be used sparingly, plus you’ll see them on the floor too.

 Various Tropical Prints

Sometimes it helps to look towards the catwalk to see what kind of styles will be trending. It’s the reason why tropical prints of various styles are going to make an appearance. They’ve been very popular in the modeling world as of late.

They’re predicting it will be like buying classic clothing while mixing it up with shoes and handbags. The only difference is you’ll have a plain couch and your pillows will have tropical prints until you’re ready to change them.

Revisiting The Georgian Era

Although the Georgian era officially ended almost 200 years ago, the style from those days is making a big comeback. When people hear this they automatically think about the black and white color scheme.

Something you will find even more interesting is the rich textures they used. Velvet and a few other thick-weave fabrics are replacing plain linen. Symmetry is also crucial in the Georgian style.

Modern Geometric Designs

When you think of the oldest geometric designs in the world it’s probably the pyramids in Egypt. Geometric decor will become bigger in the interior design industry, but ancient designs will have a modern twist to them.

They’ll take their inspiration from African and Asian cultures, which will blend into our own nicely. People love living in a home that feels expertly curated and using patterns is a good way to do it.


Unique Crafted Furniture

Over the last few years flat pack furniture became huge and the IKEA phenomenon hit us hard. It turns out people are shying away from wanting rooms that look like every other one in their neighborhood.

It’s going to see a resurgence in uniquely crafted furniture designed by woodwork specialists with tons of experience. Although the individual pieces will be more expensive they’ll be looked on as an investment to lessen the blow.

Combining Natural And Industrial

When you think of marble an image of something clean and natural enters your head. Brass is almost the exact opposite and when you think of it the shiny alloy has more of a hard industrial look.

In no way would most people realize they would compliment each other so perfectly. The brass and marble combination will mostly be found inside kitchens and bathrooms to add a touch of glamour.

Lots Of Greens And Grays

These two colors aren’t tied together in any particular way, but they’re each supposed to make waves this year. Gray was already becoming big last year and it’s meant to continue its run with lots of new shades.

Green is an interesting color because it apparently represents revitalization and refreshment. It’s been named the Pantone color of the year already, which is widely believed to be because of events like the American election and Brexit.

 Try Not To Get Left Behind

How many of these ideas can you see yourself implementing over the next few months? If you want to beat everyone else you better act now. All of these trends will continue to get more popular as the year goes on. If you study some of them carefully it’s easy to see why they won’t be going away any time soon.

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