7 Home Renovation Projects to Include in Your Checklist for 2021

Every new year we make New Year resolutions that include home renovation projects. While we might not necessarily follow through with all our resolutions, the year 2020 was an entirely different experience. 

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No matter what our resolutions for the New Year happened to be, we couldn’t really follow through due to the pandemic. While the pandemic has had a serious impact on our lifestyle, we couldn’t help but escape DIY home renovation projects. 

The trend of DIY home renovation projects is continuing in 2021 and is here to stay for the upcoming years as well. While many people are also looking for homes for sale to change their neighborhood, others focus on home improvement and updating their indoor and outdoor spaces. 

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If you have recently joined the DIY home renovation projects squad, here are seven home renovation projects and trends to include in your checklist for 2021. Read on to learn more! 

Upgrade the Entryway

This year isn’t only dedicated to improving the indoor spaces of your home, but it is also dedicated to improving the outdoor space of your home. If you are a little low on the budget, you can make an enormous difference by adding curb appeal. 

As a matter of fact, by redesigning and upgrading your front yard, you can change the entire feel and vibe of your house. Not to mention, improved landscaping and curb appeal will improve the resale value of your home.

Even the addition of a few flower pots is sufficient to add to the curb appeal. If you are planning to sell your house, you ought to pay particular attention to improving the front landscaping of your property. As a rule of thumb, think of the front yard as an extension of your indoor space. 

Don’t forget to paint your front door, which is also another boost for your curb appeal project. 

Include Motion Detector Lighting

The potential benefits of putting up motion detector lighting is immense. Not only is it beneficial to stop crimes and keep your house safe from potential burglars but luckily it also doesn’t consume much of your electricity as many can be set up to run on solar power. While you are installing motion detector lighting, you should also think about an entire home security system that compliments the motion detector lighting. 

Fix the Floors

DIY home renovation projects also include aspects that are usually ignored in the long run, such as squeaky floors. If you detect squeaky floors, all you need to do is to retrieve a few tools from your toolbox. Remove the carpet from the floor and drive screws at the places of the floor joists where you detect squeaking. 

If you don’t know where the floor joists might be, all you need to do is to look for the existing nails. Mark the squeaky spots with a pencil and drive the screws in. Make sure to keep a distance of 6-inches between each screw. 

If you want to eliminate future squeaking, make sure to add screws along the joists of all floors. 

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Add Storage Space to the Garage

While the garage is the main place where most of the DIY home renovation projects for building cupboards, shelves, etc., take place, it is also a place that can do well with some upgrades itself. Understandably, you keep the toolbox and machinery stored in your garage; however, you ought to refrain from haphazardly storing things as this won’t only cause clutter but also cause serious accidents and injuries. 

You can upgrade your garage storage space by adding custom shelves. Since each garage is different, you should first measure the available space inside the garage before beginning your new project. With the inclusion of storage shelves, you can work in a more organized way and optimize the garage space. 

Improvements to the Exterior

Many people focus on improving the indoor spaces of their home, but it is equally important to improve one’s exterior as well. Contrary to the myth that exterior improvements are costly, you can make slight changes without breaking the bank. 

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For instance, you could change the main door of your house. If that is out of the question, you can add a coat of fresh paint to your front door. If you detect any cracks on the sidewalk, make sure to fix them. By fixing the exterior space of your house, you can also keep summer and winter pests at bay and away from the indoor spaces of your house throughout the year. 

Update Your Kitchen

You know it already – if you don’t want to go big, give your current kitchen cabinets a refreshing touch by sanding and repainting them. If you want, you can also replace the old kitchen cabinets with new ones. Don’t forget to add a kitchen pantry. This will also keep the countertops of your kitchen clean and spacious. 

If you want, you can replace the old kitchen countertops with new ones to boost the entire look and feel of the kitchen. Since the global lockdowns, many people are spending more time in their homes, which is why many have been spending more time in the kitchen preparing healthy food. A kitchen update will make you love preparing food for yourself and your family. 

Home Office

Initially, everyone thought that work-from-home was just a phase and eventually everyone would get back to the office soon. However, now as we have been halfway through 2021, we have accepted work-from-home as the new norm, which is why homeowners cannot ignore the inclusion of home offices in their home renovation projects. 

Make sure to choose a quiet place for your home office where you will encounter the least amount of distractions. Also, make sure to choose the right furniture, the right work table, chair, and a stable internet connection. By painting your walls with the right color, such as blue, you can also boost your concentration level and boost productivity.

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