7 Ideas for a Captivating Wall Art

Canvas wall art is one of the simplest ideas to elevate the look of any room at home. Large or small, it can incorporate more character into any space. If you don’t have an idea on how to display captivating wall art, keep on reading and learn from our suggestions. 

There are many materials available, but wood is one of the most beautiful. Especially if it is reclaimed wood, it will give your house a rustic feel. This is good if you want to make your home look like a cozy cottage. If you are looking for attractive wood wall art to display at home, check out the selections available at Shutterfly. 

Rather than displaying single wall art, consider creating a cluster and build a gallery wall. While it is a common practice to use pictures for a gallery wall, you can dare to be different and use artwork instead. For a nice gallery wall art, consider the pieces you will find at Shutterfly. 

Multiple artworks can cause clutter in a room, especially when space is limited. A good alternative is to go big with the wall art. Make it the first thing that people will notice when they walk into the room. This is also a good choice if you want to go minimal in your interior design. 

Lighting artwork is one of the best ways to make it stand out in any room. Especially if you are opting for a single artwork to serve as a focal point, your choice of lighting is important. The light should never overpower the artwork. Keep it subtle so that it won’t create heat or result in eyestrain. Ceiling-mounted accent lights, sconces, and track lights are some of the best choices. 

Looking for a cheap way to incorporate wall art in your home? Paper is one of the best materials worth considering. You don’t need to be an artist to turn paper into art. Watch online videos and read tutorials for a step-by-step guide on how you can make stylish wall art using origami quilts

When displaying wall art at home, make it sentimental. Choose something that is special for you or for the family. For instance, you can have the artwork of kids framed. They will appreciate it when they grow up. You can also transform your favorite family holiday photos into artwork, such as by printing it on canvas or any other special material.

While it is common to display a frameless artwork, you can choose to be conventional and have it framed. When choosing the right frame, one of the main considerations is material. Choose a material that will complement the look that you want the room to achieve. The size of the frame should also match the size of the artwork or room. 

To make your walls more captivating, you can never go wrong with art. With our suggestions above, it is easy to transform your walls from boring to beautiful!

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