7 Incredible Spots to click Selfie in Dubai 2021

Dubai is an incredible and futuristic city with thousands of photogenic places. The beautiful monuments, beaches, cafes, golden deserts, skyscrapers catch your attention immediately. After visiting the incredible selfie-spots in Dubai, you can’t resist the urge to click a photo. 

Image by 5ILI DUCATI from Pixabay

If you are in Dubai and looking for the most instagrammable places to click best shots and selfies then you are in the right place. Although all the places are worth clicking photos.

Image by smarko from Pixabay

But, we have collected some of the best spots with their exact locations and tips so that you can collect some incredible memories in the form of pictures. Make sure to Car Rental Dubai so that you can commute in the city easily. 

Here are the 7 incredible spots to click Selfies in Dubai:

1- Burj Khalifa

Many of you might don’t know that Burj Khalifa is the world’s 3rd most Instagrammed spot in the world.

Image by Selim Mohammed from Pixabay

It is one of the most mesmerizing spots to click a picture from the top of Burj Khalifa or the tallest building in your background. Although it is quite challenging to get the full shot of this 800 meters tall building. But, still, you can pose near or around the building. 

2- Al Barsha south 3

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

You should visit the Dubai miracle garden if you want to click the most stunning photos for your social media. This place is home to millions of different flowers. It is also the best place to spend some quality and peaceful time in a refreshing environment. This garden is a way to heaven in a land that is full of golden sand. So if you are in Dubai between October to April, then you should visit this place. 

3- Jumeirah beach

UAE is the home of some of the beautiful beaches and Jumeirah beach of Dubai is one of them.

Image by Joe Kamp from Pixabay

You can head towards Jumeirah beach in the late afternoon to spend some peaceful time close to the water and click some fantastic pictures at the time of sunset. It is also one of the most Instagrammed spots in Dubai. 

4- The yard

Image by Judith Scharnowski from Pixabay

If you are in Dubai with family, you can click a beautiful family photo at The Yard that is the project of Meraas. It is the most family-friendly spot that is designed in a barnyard theme. The remote Al Khawaneej has managed to attract thousands of tourists to this place by adding the love-lock bridge concept. That’s one of the reasons that this place is loved by the couple. You can enjoy amazing food at different food stalls here or buy organic food from the markets. 

5- Dubai Dunes

Image by rupakchatterjee from Pixabay

If you are looking for something simple and majestic to click photos then Dubai sand dunes are the best. You should try to visit the dunes near sunset hours. Not only the desert offers a majestic view but the sky also casts the warm hue that leaves the gorgeous backdrop to click amazing photos. 

6- Dubai Mall

Image by Martinschuschi from Pixabay

Dubai Mall is the best place for Shopaholics and Instagrammers to shop and click amazing photos. It is one of the world’s largest destinations to shop and entertain with your folks. The ice rink of the Dubai mall is best to make your selfie more charming. Also, make sure to learn all the rules to click photos as Dubai is quite strict when it comes to following different rules. Be there are less crowded hours or try to be tricky while clicking pictures in Dubai. 

7- Dubai Creek Harbour

Image by Wria Mahmood from Pixabay

Dubai creek harbor is a fairly new neighborhood in Dubai as they are building their whole complex. This area can be visited without any cost at all. It is quite a nice place with a couple of restaurants and bars nearby. You can find a few locals or travelers hanging around on the streets and that makes it the best place for clicking photos. You can capture the beautiful view of the Dubai skyline from the riverside. Don’t be confused and merge this place with Dubai creek as it is a saltwater creek and it is part of the new Dubai canal. 

Image by marla66 from Pixabay


Here we wrap up our collection of the best spots to click the selfies in Dubai 2021. Visit all these places whenever you want to visit to click awesome photos. To explore Dubai at your own pace, make sure to contact any Monthly Car rental Dubai to book your dream car. We recommend RentalcarsUAE as it is the best and most affordable agency to rent or lease cars. The best thing is that you can book a car online before your trip and you don’t have to pay drop-off charges.  

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