7 Insanely Clever Hacks For Bedroom Storage

Hacks For Bedroom Storage

Having an additional space in an apartment is a major need in metro cities as the price of bigger spaces for purchase or rent is generally quite high.

With some DIY tricks, one can create additional storage space in the bedroom. Below are 7 insanely clever hacks for bedroom storage to try:

The bottom of the bed being an unused space, using the same for storage is a great idea. One can easily get good drawers fixed to it, or plan to buy a bed with readymade drawers attached to it. This storage space is extremely useful to keep blankets, clothes or other items which are used seasonally.

The back wall inside the closet is another unused space. Accessing the back is quite difficult, when clothes are hanging in the front. . To use this space wisely, one can fix hooks on the wall and hang things which are not used quite frequently, for example, belts, handbags, scarves and much more.



Beautifully carved wooden shelves can be bought from the market at reasonable prices and installed on top perimeter of the wall. Be it simple or intricately designed, installing wooden shelves add to the classy look of the room. Before planning to install a wooden shelf, ensure to take correct dimensions of the space required to be used to keep things. Also keep in mind, the wooden material used should be sturdy enough to hold on to heavy things.

If you are one of those who have trouble fitting all your clothes in the wardrobe. Then this is one idea that can be put to good use, take one corner of the wall and fix an open hanging rack, where you can hang all your heavy or space-consuming clothings likehats, jackets and blazers. This may seem an out of place idea, but by using good fixtures, this rack corner can add a stylish touch to the room.

Drawers have lots of space which can be used extremely well. Most of us usually clutter up the drawers by putting everything together and later searching for anything becomes a tedious task. It is good to get hold of a drawer organizer and convert a regular drawer into a modular one. With these slots, one can easily arrange and keep things neatly without any hassle of searching a product at the last minute.



Wall is one of the the best spaces in a bedroom which can be used wisely by putting some good fixtures. Buy some unique wooden or stylish pegs and fix it on the wall, this can be then used to hang all your keys in one place. These pegs can be fixed close to the door, as it will be convenient to put and pick the keys while entering or leaving the apartment. Adding some designer or quirky pegs to your room not only helps you to keep your keys arranged and in place, but also makes the room look livelier.



This idea comes in hand for those who are avid readers and are short of space to keep their books organized. Invisible book shelves could be thin plates of metal or acrylic, which can be easily fixed on the wall. They are quite sturdy and efficient to balance the books extremely well. These are quite economical and are easy to fix. It also adds interesting aesthetic look to the room as it looks like the books are floating in the air.

The bedroom is one of the most important feature of an apartment. Getting a modern apartment which caters to all your needs is not only a difficult but also a time consuming affair. Upon finding your dream apartment, comes the task of organising it while maintaining its look.Small investments of fixturescan make your bedroom a completely viable space to organize things better. Although before buying such fixtures, it is advisable to know the requirements and take the right measurements to have a hassle-free installation.

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