7 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Beautiful Garden

Having a garden in your home is great. In fact, the place can be your favorite spot, especially if the site is maintained and beautiful. How do you keep your garden attractive all year round? Check out tips and tricks from Tree & Garden Solutions on keeping your garden beautiful and healthy all over the year.


Keep the soil moderately moist. It is advisable to water 1 to 2 times a week. Remember to water when the soil is cool. The ideal time is either morning or evening. When you water during the hot hours of the day, most of the water will evaporate, and less will be available for the plant. Do not water the leaves or heads of the plant. Direct the water to the roots and the soil instead. Watering the leaves will encourage the formation of molds. If you do not have time to water your garden regularly, put up an irrigation system.


Use mulch to reduce the growth of weeds. When removing weeds from your garden, get rid of it from the source. Uproot from the root to ensure that it does not grow anymore.

Examine plants properly before bringing them into your garden

Be careful not to introduce diseased plants into your garden. To avoid doing this, you must know what a healthy plant looks like. Identifying healthy plants can be difficult because the look will differ from one plant to another. Research on plants you want to grow to know how they should look and what to expect. Look at the plants’ roots to get an idea about its health. Healthy plants will have firm, white, and good looking roots. Apart from the roots, don’t take plants with insects and rotten leaves.

Choose disease-resistant plants

Healthy plants make the most beautiful gardens. You will want to grow varieties that do not succumb to diseases quickly. You won’t find these features on plant labels. Talk to your family members, friends, and neighbors who are gardeners for guidance. You can also talk to the nursery employees.

Clean your garden during the fall

Some diseases live on dead plants and leaves. Cleaning your garden will stop these diseases from attacking your fresh leaves. Cleaning your garden also makes it more attractive. Use the opportunity to clean your gutter as well. The leaves and debris in the gutter take away the beauty of your garden. When you are done, use a gutter guard to prevent other wastes from entering your gutter. Click here to know more about gutter guards and their installment process.

Apply the right fertilizer

Get the right fertilizer for your plants. Seek guidance from garden experts. Remember to apply the correct amount. Too much fertilizer can do more harm than good. It can burn your plants’ roots.

Prune plants during Winter

Don’t wait till Spring to prune damaged limbs. Damaged limbs can be infected with diseases over the Winter, and it may spread before you get rid of the limbs. Prune your broken limbs in late Winter. Continue to get rid of wounded limbs until the Winter is over. Sometimes, Winter storms make the process endless, but it is always worth it. You will be proud when you enjoy the sight of a beautiful garden.

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