71 Housing Service with Amazing Enlarge Ventilation Systems designed by Farko in Dalfsen

The leading company Vechthorst ordered to the Farko architecture design to build in Dalfsen a number of 71 homes with are going to be used for housing service. For those who don’t know Dalfsen, it is a town in the Salland region of the Dutch province of Overijssel, Netherlands an extremely likeable and quiet place, with lovely people and fantastic food.

The most notable featuring of the Vechthorst housing service is reflected in the amazing enlarge ventilation systems idea by using high windows, actually the biggest size Fakro windows 131×50 cm, which can offer to those who will live in, a spacious and healthy environment with a fresh air and splendid view.

The Farko windows are equipped with FSC wood and also with Police safety, and of course these are standard for all the windows of the buildings. Also as you can see from the photos, this construction will have an exceptional and unique design, and for archiving such a spectacular architecture, the Van Dijk Construction first built a mock-up in, fitted remarkably well in the joinery. This way all the masonry and details plans combined together will reflect a surprising and brilliant design.

So, the Dalfsen aria will become a richer and beautiful place due to the 71 homes designed by Farko.


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